Effective advertising with AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most effective online marketing channels. We at Spinnaker Nordic have created some transparente solutions for you and your company.
At Spinnaker Nordic we have a strong team dealing with Google AdWords. With a couple of former Google employees and employees with experience from some of Googles biggest Danish customers, which make us among the elite in producing campaigns and advanced solutions in Google AdWords.
Our way of working with Google AdWords is influenced by our strong wish for transparency for our customers and business partners. This results in the fact that our solutions always includes ongoing updates and monthly reports. We work from the principle that an AdWords account is never truly finished and that the best results come from continuous optimization.

Achieving a better ROI with automation

One of the most important components of succesful online advertising is automation of manual work. With this in mind you can save a lot of time and still achieve great results.
We believe that its is necessary to combine the automation with ‘hands on’ to get a nice blend of automation, quality and creativity concerning keywords and ads.
Our contracts always involves monthly work with the account based on the principle that there must be continuously optimizations to achieve the best possible development of the ads.