Effective advertising with AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most effective online marketing channels. We at Spinnaker Nordic have created some transparente solutions for you and your company.

At Spinnaker Nordic we have a strong team dealing with Google AdWords. With a couple of former Google employees and employees with experience from some of Googles biggest Danish customers, which make us among the elite in producing campaigns and advanced solutions in Google AdWords.

Our way of working with Google AdWords is influenced by our strong wish for transparency for our customers and business partners. This results in the fact that our solutions always includes ongoing updates and monthly reports. We work from the principle that an AdWords account is never truly finished and that the best results come from continuous optimization.

Achieving a better ROI with automation

One of the most important components of succesful online advertising is automation of manual work. With this in mind you can save a lot of time and still achieve great results.

We believe that its is necessary to combine the automation with ‘hands on’ to get a nice blend of automation, quality and creativity concerning keywords and ads.

Our contracts always involves monthly work with the account based on the principle that there must be continuously optimizations to achieve the best possible development of the ads.

AdWords Reviews

Leading Marketing Attribution Agency

At Airtame we have been really pleased about our work with Spinnaker Nordic. Our cooperation has involved both hands-on Adwords tasks and guidance on the the same subject. Furthermore, Spinnaker Nordic is among th leading agencies in Denmark who understands the difficult discipline: Marketing Attribution.

Together we have developed an understanding of this discipline related to our company and the value of it is unbelievable. If you want competent help from some really nice people, Spinnaker gets my best recommendations.

Steffen Hedebrandt,

Great e-commerce and sales knowledge

We’ve been using Spinnaker Nordic for a longer period to advise and optimize in our AdWords endeavours. We are happy with the work and skill, and will always recommend Spinnaker Nordic, they have a broad spectrum of knowledge in e-commerce and have contributed to our online growth.

Kristoffer Haapanen, Les Deux

Structured AdWords account

We’ve had the pleasure to work together with Spinnaker. Spinnaker helped us achieve a structured AdWords account. We also get a report each month with a view of the work that has been done.

Jonathan Parisi, Mackabler

We recommend Spinnaker!

Spinnaker Nordic has optimized our AdWords account which have had a major impact on our growth the last few years. We highly recommend them to do Google AdWords and a general dialogue about online marketing strategies.

Christian Bjerregaard, Nybolig Munch & Bjerregaard

AdWords Cases

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Monthly Report

Transparency is the most important keyword at Spinnaker Nordic. To make sure that you are fully aware about your accounts progress, you’ll get a monthly report at the end of the month.

The monthly report is designed in relation to the most important parts of your business. It includes benchmarks as ranking, the amount of traffic and conversions.

You’ll always have full access to your AdWords account, so that you at any time can go take a look at the developments.

Account Setup

We create your AdWords account to suit your exact needs.

AdWords Reviews

Transparent and efficient approach!

Spinnaker Nordic has helped us set up Display Remarketing. We have also acquired a lot of experience from the time Spinnaker Nordic spend on educate us in the various media and advertising opportunities.

With a highly transparent approach, and high efficiency of the projects in the campaign process, we can recommend Nordic Spinnaker as a partner.

Nichlas Rask Tougaard, Det nye sort

My recommendations

We’ve been using Spinnaker Nordic to handle our AdWords Optimizations, and they have played a big part of in contributing to the growth we have had these years. I can surely recommend them for Google AdWords and online marketing strategies in general.

Christian Bjerregaard, Nybolig Munch & Bjerregaard

Budget Control

We make sure that your AdWords account comply with the estimated campaign budget.

Ad Optimization

Success in AdWords does not come from being the best at managing keywords — it comes from being the best at managing queries.

It’s extremely important to constantly optimize and adapt existing campaigns to ensure that the right message appears. In addition, Furthermore, the best omtimized AdWords ads obtain the best quality score, which make the ads achieve the best possible locations and click prices.

New Keywords Every Month

It is important to continuously adjust the keywords on the ongoing campaigns.

By looking at performance metrics of the campaigns, we adjust the keywords depending on how effective they are.

Furthermore, it’s important to decide whether existing bids should be increased or reduced.

Relevant high quality keywords are essential to your success with AdWords ads.

Bid Adjustments

With the right bid adjustments and continous optimization of AdWords campaigns, you can improve your return on investment.

Bid modifications is also used to edit your ads so they appear based on where, when and how people search on Google.

For example, sometimes searches from a mobile device is worth more to you, if it comes at certain times of the day or a particular place.

We make bid adjustments for:

  • Mobile devices
  • Locations
  • Advertising Planning
  • Top Content
  • Targeting Methods
  • Remarketing

Bid adjustments are set by percentages.

For instance, a campaign that is set to be displayed 30% more on mobile devices could look like this:

Starting bid: $10

Mobile adjustment: $10 + ($10 x 30%) =$13

Resulting bid for searches from mobile devices: $13

Creating Content

We help with the creation of content to make your website more noticeable by search engines.

Implementation of Keywords

To be found in search engines for certain keywords, it’s essential that you use the keywords or phrases you want to rank on.

We help you with the implementation of keywords and phrases in your On-Page content, meta descriptions, anchor texts, images and videos.

Improving user experience

The search engines constantly evaluates the quality of the content on your website. As an example, Googles uses behavioral analyzes to get data on how the customers behaves after they have pressed on the link to your website though Google’s search engine.

They look among factors as bounce rate, how long the customers visets the page, the number of pages the customers visited on the specific domain and much more.

All these data, you get access to inside Google Analytics – which we will help you get started with.

Analytics Conversion Tracking

We help setting up tracking within your AdWords account with Google Analytics and your website.

With conversion tracking, you can see your conversion data in three columns: Frequency, Cost/Conversion and Conversions.

Without implementation of sales tracking it’s hard to know which of your keywords that results in the most revenue and what actually doesn’t work anymore.

Product Ads

If you sell physical products, Google Shopping is the perfect traffic source for your business.

Product ads typically appears on the right side of the search results in Google. The way product ads differentiates itself from AdWords ads is that besides the ad, you can display a product name, a product image and a price.

google-shopping-produktannonceringWe help setting up your Merchant Center account as well as the merging of your shop and Merchant Center account.

Advanced Bid Strategies

With the advanced bidding strategies, we estimate the bids after the parameters in the auction that has the highest value to you.

Furthermore, we develop specialized bidding strategies that continually ensures that your ads have the right bid in the auction. For example, it’s necessary for your business to have a minimum impression share (view percentage) of over 90% on a high priority keyword, which advanced bidding strategies can provide.

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