Do you want more volume from your sales at Amazon?

Amazon has come to stay, but the major entry into the minor European markets is in store. However, it is not too early to prepare and consider, how you wish you wish to utilize Amazon in the retail industry as a part of you online marketing. Whether you “resell” or manage your own brand, you’ll find that Amazon as a marketing channel, effectively will contribute to the growth of your business.

As of now Amazon offers four different advertising solutions:

1. Boost product sales
2. Increase book sales
3. Drive traffic off amazon
4. Increase app downloads
These four solutions are elaborated further down this page, so if you want to know more about the individual solutions, scroll on down.

Sell more with advertising on Amazon

On Amazon, you can target your ads towards the costumers’ history and interests. Furthermore, you can have your products shown along with products similar to your own. Could you be interested in selling more via advertising on Amazon? We can help you safely though the whole process. We can assist with everything from setup of efficient ads to ongoing optimization of these
It’s possible to optimize your ads on Amazon, as you receive a lot of interesting data on the performance of each ad while these are running.
If you read into each data point correctly it’s possible to deduct which buttons turn up and down to raise sales further. Likewise, you can get a clearer idea of how you should distribute the advertising budget.
It requires some amount of knowledge and experience to analyze the data you’ll receive, as there are many factors that needs to be taking into consideration, when adjust and redistribute your budget, e.g, it’s not enough to look solely on the ROAS and last-click conversions of each ad.
We have several PPC-experts in-house and they all have several years of experience with setup and adjustment of effective PPC-ads. We guarantee, that they – in cooperation with you will be able to increase the sale of your products. If you want to try out advertising on Amazon, don’t hesitate to call us entirely without attachments.
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