At Spinnaker Nordic you will find experts within performance analysis. Our consultants have helped some of the biggest ecommerce businesses in Denmark with both reporting and analysis tasks. All our projects have in common that we strive for full transparency so that the customer will have as much information as possible.
We use many different systems to inform the customers of which factors that have an impact on the efficiency of a webpage. Depending on the goal we can create either complex or simple reports. We will always look for the solution where the increased amount of information adds the most value for our customers.
Whether you look at some of our most advanced solutions with attribution modelling or more simple concerning lead counting, we will always offer to estimate the real value of the given report.
Some of the types of reports we can deliver to our customers are:

  • Sales and cost reports
  • Google Analytics reports
  • Dynamic Reports in Google Sheets
  • Lead and CPA reports
  • Call-Reports
  • Social reports (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter ect.)
  • TrueView and YouTube reports

Feel free to contact us with questions regarding reports or if you you would like us to create a special report for you!