Google Marketing Platform
Campaign Manager
Graphical design

The challenge.

Data-driven marketing is a high priority for With Raptor as recommendation engine and the GMP stack implemented, had the challenge to deliver a user-specific experience - unique for each user across platforms. We were asked to solve the task on display bought through DV360 and Campaign Manager.

The solution.

We have made a complete setup through Campaign Manager, DV360 and Studio, that collects Raptor's recommendations on a user level, and in real time delivers a custom user experience on each impression. We have developed the visual design with's marketing team and implemented all aspects of the project.

A deeper dive.

Google Marketing Platform meets Raptor - in a split second

In this project, we melted the best of two worlds together. Raptor’s recommendations based on AI and machine learning sends products to the banner in real-time.

Already before the auction has been won and the banner has been loaded on the publisher site, we know if we know the user. In the moment where the banner is loaded, GMP sends the user ID to our banner, which hereafter requests an array of products from Raptor to this specific user.

This happens in a split second, and the user gets a personal and very relevant experience.

Custom made banners

Together with the design team from, we developed a design and a setup that fits the communication strategy at This includes dynamic “save” messages and automatic optimization of the selection of products.

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