Google Succes Online



The challenge.

Google Success Online wanted to reach a nationwide audience with their free courses, but most courses were held in Copenhagen and were therefore geographically limited.

The solution.

We have created a live streaming setup for Google Success Online, which includes everything from live production, camera staffing and streaming, to concept development, optimisation of viewing, integration of platforms and more.

A deeper dive.

About Google Succes Online.

Google Success Online is part of a concept Google calls Grow with Google. They have a clear goal of making the people of Europe more digital. This means that they offer free education about digital tools as well as personal coaching. So far, 725,000 Europeans have found a job or grown their business and Google has a mission to support one million more Europeans by 2020.

In 2018, Google opened the learning house — Google Success Online, to be able to offer teaching, targeted to small and medium-sized businesses. Part of Google’s SMB marketing strategy is to reach out to a large number of small and medium-sized businesses with knowledge that can help create growth through digital media. The learning house was ready, but they faced a great challenge in terms of reaching a satisfactory number of students with the right courses and seminars.

Activating viewers is the key.

At Spinnaker Nordic, back in 2017, we came up with an idea that could scale the outset of courses, seminars and presentations in the form of live streaming events on YouTube and Facebook. In short, we made it possible to reach thousands of interested viewers through a professional studio setup at the customer’s location – in this case, the Google Success Online Digital Learning Center at Nørrebro, which includes a multi-camera setup and a live mixing desk for live production. Furthermore, we developed a tool that transmits interactive communication on the screen directly from the YouTube chat. A live production in itself is nothing new in – but as it has become possible to activate users through social media and online streaming services, Google Success Online’s concept has become more scalable.

The concept.

The Google Success Online concept is composed of some simple but powerful components:
– Direct broadcast on YouTube
– Specialised topics with experts
– Ask your questions from home – get answers live

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