Music against drugs


Snapchat development
Motion graphics



The challenge.

The team behind the Music Against Drugs campaign wanted to deliver an interactive experience to their target group, which would bind the communication efforts and target group together.

The solution.

We developed a Snapchat lens with strong visual effects and a simple concept. This became a convincing AR lens and a sharable interactive experience on Snapchat.

A deeper dive.

Tracking of the face emotions.

Through the face recognition algorithms built into Snapchat, we could develop a lens that reacted on and analyzed the users face expressions, and immediately provided feedback. For example, if the user smiled, the lens would analyse the mood as “Happy”.

Convincing visuals.

It was a must that the Snapchat lens would be aligned with the visual identity of the campaign developed by ZUPA. Therefore a big focus was visual effects like glitches, animations and filters – together creating a Snapchat lens aligned with the campaign visuals.

Paid and organic distribution.

The lens was a part of The Danish Health Authority’s 2019 summer campaign “Music Against Drugs”, and was distributed throughout the summer on both paid and organic channels – including influencers. Especially the distribution on Snapchat’s own platform has turned out being effective.

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