Media buying

The challenge. faced three essential problems: Lack of data ownership, lack of transparency in media buying and no insight into the programmatic buying.

The solution.

At Spinnaker Nordic, we have the pleasure of running an in-sourcing project in collaboration with’s commercial department, which today owns both media buying and programmatic buying, in a customised solution that has made independent in the media agency industry.

A deeper dive.

Denmark’s go-to online supermarket. was Denmark’s first online supermarket, and is today the market leader with an impressive setup that guarantees delivery intervals of one hour, same-day delivery, meal boxes and much more. They are a business that does not require any further introduction in Denmark. This is a product of a targeted marketing effort as well as the ability to meet market expectations for price, quality and customer service.

Own media agreements.

The key to achieving a good price for media buying is to have the direct connection to the media. With a structured effort together with’s marketing team, we at Spinnaker Nordic have been involved in establishing the technical setup behind a DSP solution. This allows media buying directly from Denmark’s largest media houses and advertising networks to begin without a gap in the media plan.

The elements we at Spinnaker Nordic have helped with involve:
– Paid advertising on Google
– Insourcing of media agreements
– RTB and dynamic creators
– Paid social media advertising including Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat
– Automated data collection and reporting

An advanced setup that is easy to access.

Today, the possibilities for targeted messages are one of the elements that have changed the advertising industry. We call it the programmatic revolution in online advertising. In short, it has made it possible to display individual messages to specific user groups. At Spinnaker Nordic we embrace the technological development and have chosen to make it a part of our DNA to melt the creative and the programmatic possibilities together. We dive into things – and you can read more about our DNA here.

We are proud to be part of’s digital advertising development, and look forward to see what the future opportunities will have to offer for our customers.

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