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E-mail automation

The challenge.

YX wanted to add e-mail to their digital marketing setup. We gave each other the challenge to activate data smartly, and make a selv-driving setup with automatic e-mail flows.

The solution.

We have created a fully automatic e-mail setup, that based on a number of customer-specific parametres, e.g. weather and geography, sends relevant e-mails to the customers. We predict when the oil tank needs a refill, and let the customer know.

The result.

The automatic e-mail flow has quickly become one of the best-performing channels - with conversion rates above 6%. The customers have ongoingly giving an e-mail satisfaction score of 96%.

A deeper dive.

It's about timing

Oil for private households is not the most sexy product out there. Therefore, it’s about being relevant for the customers when it matters. We have thoroughly tested and built a setup, which at the right time gives the individual customer a notice, that it’s time for a refill.

That’s not very easy to do.

All customers are different. Some houses are well-isolated, some are in a colder region, and others do not completely fill up the oil tank. Therefore we have built an e-mail setup that is based on predictions.

Personal communications

Safety is an important parameter when it’s a bout e-commerce. Therefore it’s a communicative theme at YX to be personal and close to the customer. It cannot seem like it’s a machine you buy your oil from. The 24-hour phone line also helps on that.

Overview of performance & flows gives insight

An important task when developing automated e-mail flows is to have an overview.

Too many time have we seen, that a solution has been made too complicated. Therefore we always visualize the flows, so it’s clear for all what happens when.

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