The challenge.

Unisport were at a point in their business where they had to expand into more markets, but lacked the strength to do so.

The solution.

On behalf of Unisport, over the course of 8 months, we had recruited, assembled, and trained an internal marketing team, tailored to 4 new markets, as well as created the structure of Google Ads set-up across the markets and implemented attribution reporting.

A deeper dive.

A growing football shop.

Unisport is the Nordic region’s leading online retailer of football boots, soccer jerseys and a lot of other sports equipment. Unisport does not require any further introduction to the football-interested teenager, but the organisational model which leaded to the growth of export, may need some explaining.

A strong collaboration with a concrete goal.

Spinnaker Nordic and Unisport initiated a collaboration in 2014, where Spinnaker Nordic consisted of a few consultants, and the collaboration needed to contribute to the processes of:
1. Scaling marketing across existing and future markets
2. Setting Unisport up for the marketing operation activities through Google
3. Finding and developing a model for measuring the effect of marketing

An effective result.

By collaborating with Unisport’s management to put together a strong team and train across disciplines within PPC, keeping sync with SEO projects, as well as testing new channels and reporting on costs, an internal operation of online marketing was made possible.

The main elements of the insourcing project with Unisport included:
– Recruitment, including screening and interviews
– Setting up the structure and model for scaling of Google Ads
– Implementation of an attribution report with data from different platforms
– Courses, teaching and training of the marketing team

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