In july this year, Facebook decided to eliminate the possibility to customize the metadata, when sharing a link on your page. This, because many unfortunately have misused the tool to spread false news and posts by changing the headline, description and image to something far away from the truth.
Fortunately, there are still ways to customize your link posts – the process just became a bit more complicated.

By eliminating the possibility to customize the link preview to a specific target group, Facebook put marketers in quite a tough position and luckily they understand that.

How to customize your link previews

Use Open Graph tags

If you are the owner of the page, you are posting links from, you are still able to customize the headline, description, picture etc,  by using Open Graph tags – see how to do it here.
When you have updated your page you can invite Facebook in for a fast crawl, by using the tool Sharing Debugger.

Turn your post into an ad

It’s still possible to change your link metadata, when creating an ad instead of a regular post. Every ad will be controlled by Facebook before being launched, so this way they can keep tabs on people misusing the tool. If you don’t want to make a sponsored post, you can easily stop the campaign after Facebook has approved the content of the ad.
Just follow these few steps..

  • Create a link ad in Ads Manager. Here you change the elements you want, whether it’s the headline, description or picture you need to customize.
  • Launch your ad and wait until Facebook has reviewed it.
  • Stop the campaign, if you don’t want to make a sponsored post.
  • Go to Page posts and publish your post – this way the preview of your link will remain customized.