Everything that is being said.
And the way it is said.


Take your campaign from idea and concept to execution and reporting with us! Our approach to campaigns is very performance-oriented. This means that we will constantly measure and respond to the campaign - even while it is running.

Social media videos

Videos for social media are a must, because platforms like Facebook and Instagram give them more reach. We understand the users’ behaviour on social media and adapt the videos to ensure the optimal performance.

Live streaming and viewer-acquisition

Our in-house live streaming team can help you from the idea and concept to execution, organisation and production of your next live-stream. We are specialised in delivering both the production and the viewer-acquisition. Why make a live-stream without viewers?

Shopify stores

With a growing catalog of Shopify Stores, we can give you the complete package for development and design of your store. We can develop it from scratch or redesign your current one.


Your customers expect you to have a website. They also expect it to be mobile-friendly, fast, easy to navigate, as well as many more things. We most often build websites on the Wordpress platform.

Snapchat lenses

As a certified Snapchat Partner, we are one of a few in Denmark who can develop augmented reality Snapchat lenses and get them approved for distribution on platforms - also outside the Snapchat's app. Read our case with Danske Spil!

Physical stands

The combination of physical and digital approaches is a super exciting area, and if you use the right digital and analog means, 1 + 1 can make 3. We love to develop concepts for physical stands and make them a reality.

Print material

As a natural part of marketing efforts, design setup of print material may be necessary. Of course, we gladly help with whatever it might be — newspaper ads, bus ads or packaging designs.

We are very flexible and our competencies span over a wide range of areas within communication, videos, graphic design and more.