Earn more by optimizing the conversion rate

Did you know that it is highly likely that you can increase your sales significantly, without increasing your click spend on Facebook, Google, etc.?
In short – conversion optimization is about increasing the click through rate of visitors who are more likely to end up either completing a buy or reaching out to you.

An increase in visitors is not necessarily and increase in sales

In many cases, we’ve found and proved, that a brief review of a website can increase the conversion rate – and thereby the turnover by more than 10%.
At Spinnaker Nordic we’ve got more than 5 years’ experience with conversion optimization, and by virtue – optimization of online sales.

Do you wish to increase your sales?
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Increase the sales of your online store

Have your low-hanging fruit pointed out, and increase your conversion rate, with a total site review by Spinnaker Nordic.
A professional assessment by a fresh set of eyes, that walks through a specific set of touchpoints that can secure you an increase in sales with a static amount of visitors.

The conversion-rate report is for all

Every website and online store in all stages and sizes can bear fruit from our report. Websites that haven’t been launched yet as well as websites, that has been in the game for years, can benefit from a conversion report drafted by us.

Test your way to increased sales

Maybe you’re familiar with the term “a website is never finished”. In large this is quite true. Especially at a time where the majority of traffic on the web is no longer driven by computers, but smartphones and tablets.
By setting up tests you’ll be able to get an ongoing insight, of how changes on your website can be contributive or counteractive to your amount of conversions.
An optimization progress at Spinnaker Nordic, usually starts out with a report, and is then continued with an ongoing cooperation, where we, example granted, once a month set up a test of your website.
This would be the standard course of action for online stores or different kinds of web shops, that already has driven sales and traffic