Do you have an interest in e-commerce in Southeast Asia?
We have had the opportunity to work with several companies in Singapore and Bangkok.
In this post we’ll tell you why Southeast Asia is a interesting market to invest in right now.

Southeast Asia is on the cusp of an e-commerce gold rush

This data is from 2013 – even though it’s years ago, the figures are still relevant in this perspective.
What you want to notice is mainly these two things:

  • 1,3 billion people
  • 8% of retail purchases happen online

E-commerce Southeast Asia
Source; Wall Street Journal

Imagine that Southeast Asia is experiencing a growth as the Nordic region, has experienced in the last 5-10 years within the next 5-10 years.
A market of this huge size means that the Nordic market will be regarded as extremely small.
What we at the moment are experiencing with our projects in Southeast Asia is:

  • Low traffic rates
  • Investment Willingness of capital funds
  • Low level of competition (except for individual industries.)
  • The growing middle class is willingly to diversify

Despite the fact that we in 2016 aren’t experiencing conversion rates in Southeast Asia similar to what we’ve experience in the Nordic countries, the growing trend is the thing that makes Southeast Asia an interesting region as a market to invest in.
You should read this article about our costumer WearYouWant experiencing tremendous growth from their headquarters in Bangkok.
wearyouwant E-commerce Southeast Asia
Our founder Simon Paag frequently travels to Asia. Simon is always willing to talk about the possibilities for your brand or company in the growing Southeast Asian market.

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