Free marketing for charities

Is your business non-profit, or does your business drive a non-profit subsidiary or cause?
Then you might be eligible for a Google Ad Grant. We in Spinnaker Nordic will carry you trough the start-up phase and application process.
Subsequently your marketing will be driven by Spinnaker in the same way, that we’ve had the honor of driving numerous profitable Adwords campaigns.
The only difference is, that with a Google Ad grant, you will be eligible for a monthly Adwords budget of

USD10.000 free of charge

Do you need assistance with Google Ad Grants?

Call us on +45 71 99 16 00 or send us an e-mail

Thus, provided that your cause is non-profitable, you’ll be able to run your Adwords campaigns without the expenses associated with marketing on the platform.
Our service, and the way we work with Google Adwords, and thus Google Ad Grants, is fundamentally grounded in our desire to create transparent solutions for our customers and associates.
Our contracts always involve a monthly check-up based on the principle that healthy campaigns entail ongoing optimizing and tweaking, to achieve the best possible development.