Ownership of competences.
Valuable on the long run.


We can, on behalf of your company, recruit new employees for key tasks within marketing. This ensures that you get the right skilled people into the company and it also saves time for you.


Training in marketing tasks can be difficult to get organized, and therefore there may be a good reason to get a structured training course. See an example of a 12 week course here.

Data ownership

We have learned that companies can save large amounts of their marketing expenses by having their own agreements with publishers and own the data themselves, i.e. by making a wise use of DMP.

Project management

When you are about to start a project within digital marketing, it can usually be worth considering an implementation task as a project. We can deliver a sharp consultant to join your team who can help you with this.


If you need to integrate a new channel into your marketing mix, or if you, for example, need to set up automation of one of your existing channels, we have the hands-on resources that can help you with your implementation.

Digital strategy

Companies, that manage to provide direction and offer a consistent experience of the company across channels and media, become digital winners. We can help you develop and implement a digital strategy tailored to your business and needs.

It has become more popular to create internal knowledge and gain data ownership, especially among larger companies. Let's have a chat!