Are you considering insourcing your online marketing solutions? At Spinnaker Nordic, we’re specialized in marketing insourcing, and we’ll gladly help you get in control of your own marketing!

What is Marketing insourcing?

Get in charge of your own marketing and obtain skills you’ve been outsourcing to external companies in the past – get your own complete team tailored for your specific business’ needs.
More and more Companies assess the possibilities to carry out the own online-marketing efforts, instead of having the job done by external media- and consultancy agencies.
We’ve accomplished abundant progress with our clients by transferring our own knowledge, enabling clients continually to carry out several tasks within the online-marketing field.

Benefits of marketing insourcing

  • Extensive insight
  • Quicker execution
  • Weighty savings

We’ve conveyed successful insourcing solutions with Unisport, Stylepit, Uno-X and Norbreeze group among others.

Examples of marketing insourcing

Below you’ll find an example of a 12-week insourcing course for a minor e-commerce business:

Channel / Project Week Report
Strategy 1 Definition of strategy and Task Plan.
KPI and reporting 2 Valuation of KPIs choice of report method.
Budgeting and resourcing 2 Final draft for budgeting and resource management
AdWords 3 Courses in Adwords and optimization
SEO 5 Analysis and compilation of implementation procedure
Social Media 7 Content plan, PPC-review and courses.
RTB / Display 9 Campaign plan, Creative editing process.
CRM / E-mail 10 Setup of newsletter and auto-responders.
Automatization 12 Approaches for sustainable resource reduction on all platforms

Become experienced in online marketing

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