Christian is the one on the team that has the hardest name to pronounce. Because of that, all people come to call him Casper Christensen. But it doesn’t matter, because Christian is used to it, and he doesn’t really care. He has been a part of the team since 2015, when he was hired as a student employee. He quickly showed his talent and flair to the digital world and the need of constant challenge. This means that his level is tower-high within all aspects of the performance department, especially the search engines. His critical sense is brilliant, and you can count on Christian spotting a problem before you do it yourself.
In addition to his in-depth knowledge of performance marketing, he has also managed the company’s economy, which has been an important part of since 2017. He has, among other things, managed to create an internal understanding and transparency about accounts, budgets, bills, outlays and everything else in that category.

Focus areas

Performance marketing