Media Buying


Rank higher on Google with search engine optimization on relevant keywords. The process involves a thorough analysis of your website, an action plan and ongoing reporting.

Google Ads

Buy for the highest rankings on Google with Google Ads. There are plenty of opportunities in order to target the right people and adapt the message for the best relevance.


The world's second largest search engine is at your feet, if you have control over your video marketing. Make use of the effective formats where ads can be displayed both in front of videos and in search results.


Real-time bidding is advanced real-time buying of banner placements on relevant media and can target audiences based on income, geography, weather conditions, etc.

Adform DSP

Buying of display and video advertising across platforms and media. Exclusive inventory, intelligent RTB buying, cross-device targeting and search retargeting.


Data Management Platforms is an enterprise solution for companies who want to control their data and use it across platforms.


On Facebook, you can really make use of the great targeting methods and ad formats that are constantly being developed for the platform. Remember that advertising can also be made on the Messenger platform.


Instagram is hugely popular amongst phone users and the visual communication is effective when it comes to advertising on the channel.


A niche channel that we have fallen in love with. Snapchat is a very young channel, but they offer a variety of opportunities for advertising on the platform. It ranges from everything between video ads, website ads and augmented reality ads, which of course we can also help you with.


A niche channel in Denmark that is not suitable for everybody, but we have learned that the engagement is good, if you can find your target group there.


A true B2B channel where, with the right setup, you can get both leads and website visitors. However, LinkedIn can get a bit expensive, so it's not a channel for everyone.

Amazon Ads

The second largest platform in relation to searches within retail can be an important part of your strategy for distributing products. We have experience both with advertising, as well as getting an agreement for distribution on Amazon.

At Spinnaker Nordic, we have a team that works daily with media buying for a number of companies in Denmark. It involves everything from Google advertising to buying of programmatic banner placements.