We add transparency to SEO

Are you looking for help to get more customers from Google and other search engines? By search engine optimizing your website, you are able to get more customers without paying pr. click or per banner view, as you will do in other online marketing channels like AdWords, Facebook and Twitter.

We have many years of experience in search engine optimization, and we believe that transparency is missing in the SEO field. We want to deliver you great results through SEO and we are documenting in through login, where you can follow your progress LIVE.

Processes while working with SEO

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SEO increases your bottomline

With great rankings in the search engines, especialliy in Google, the amount of relevant traffic for your website will rise.

With more and more relevant visitors you will be able to increase sales, and the increase in sales will not be cost you an increase in your SEO costs. You can keep the same budget for SEO even after growing in sale. SEO is a great investment in your company.

SEO Reviews

Structure of our SEO efforts

Spinnaker has helped us structure our SEO efforts, prioritize our work with On-Site and Off-Site SEO and made us think about implementing SEO into our existing workflows and measure and evaluate the results.

Shortly after we began working with Spinnaker Nordic we could see concrete results in terms of better Google rankings for important keywords and an increased amount of qualified traffic to our websites and apps.

Mikkel Marius Winther, GoMore

Proper help for our start-up

We started our cooperation with Spinnaker Nordic one month after we opened the doors to our translation agency. The budget was small and time were short. Spinnaker Nordic helped us start on a modest budget and got us firmly seated in an otherwise very hard and competitive market.

Spinnaker controled our PR, SEO, AdWords and more importantly – our priority. When money and time is limited prioritizing is everything.

We appreciate the understanding of exactly our situation and budget.

Mads Ingemann Blücher, Translated By Us

SEO Strategy

We have worked closely with Spinnaker Nordic and they have assisted us with strategy and SEO optimization. They have a transparent approach to tasks and can also provide advice and guidance with respect to how we can actively work with different types of optimization. I recommend working with Spinnaker Nordic.

Ulrik Knudsen,

SEO gave me more customers

The work Spinnaker Nordic has done for me has had a huge impact on my rankings and the organic traffic to my site. After a few months the traffic had more than tripled both nationally and locally. The amount of leads has also increased.

Spinnaker has had full access to the backend, and they have had free hands to do whatever needed. The communication has been two-way and I could keep up with everything that’s been made while planning future tasks.

Britta Lønne, Aku-stikken

SEO Cases

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Monthly Ranking Report

Transparency is the most important keyword at Spinnaker Nordic. To make sure that you are fully aware about your accounts progress, you’ll get a monthly report with benchmarks as ranking and the amount of traffic.

As a business, you want to stand out from the competitors. We at Spinnaker Nordic, focusses on increasing your online rankings in the search engines – in the long term.

The purpose of the ranking list is to give you a transparent image of the impact our work has had on the website.

The amount of keywords that is reviewed in the report depends on the package:

  • Light SEO: 10 keywords
  • Small SEO: 25 keywords
  • Medium SEO: 50 keywords
  • Large SEO: 100 keywords


The search engines play an increasingly important role in online marketing. Therefore, it’s extremely important that the strategy for search engine optimization is optimized. With professional advices we ensure the best conditions for success on the internet.

The content consulting is specifically aimed at those who want a greater knowledge and a better understanding of search engine optimization, whether your website is a new or old one.

You probably have some goals and expectations that we can easily adapt to your business.


Link Building has over the past few years, evolved to be one of the biggest factors in search engine optimization. The processes behind the purchase of links from external sites, has been much harder than before, which puts high demands on the strategy for linkbuilding.

The sizes: Small, Medium and Large, is the amount of time spent on linkbuilding.

We have deliberately chosen not to note a certain amount of links your site will have gotten at the end of the month. The reason for this is that we only acquire links as we can vouch for, and which we know will be sustainable in the long term.

Linkbuilding with the right keywords

You may already have some specific keywords that you are interested to rank better with in search results. You may also want us to help you identify the right keywords using a keyword tool.

With out keyword analysis, we evaluate what keywords is being used by your potential consumers.

Technical Optimization

Technical optimization involves correction and guidance in relation to the company’s future On-Page Strategy.

Technical angle for SEO

With our technical angle to SEO, we are experts in optimizing websites pages titles, meta descriptions, H1 tags, H2 tags ect.
In larger packages we’ll also work on speed optimization, mobile friendliness, redirects and duplicate content etc.

Det periodiske SEO system.

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