Are you considering a Demandware SEO project?
There are multiple challenges with the templates that typically move “out of the box” from Demandware. Examples of complications occurring when using Demandware with SEO is the fact that Google at times perceive the website as duplicate content, as a double indexation can occur – one for HTTPS and one without a SSL certificate. This example is just a low-hanging fruit, but an issue requiring a partner in Demandware developing partner to edit the template.
SEO for Demandware soluition
Som udgangspunkt anbefaler vi at vi laver et SEO audit på platformen, hvilket indebærer et komplet crawl af samtlige URLer – efterfulgt af en manuel gennemgang af strukturen på de enkelte sider. Samtlige af de elementer som kan optimeres bliver noteret, og der vil blive skrevet en kravsspecifikation – og lave en prioriteret rækkefølge af punkterne, som efterfølges kan vurderes med Demandware partneren i forbindelse med udvikling. Af elementer som vil kunne implementeres uden udviklingshjælp efterfølgende et audit kan følgende ‘on-site’opgaver nævnes:
As a starting point we recommend creating a SEO audit on your platform, which involves a complete crawl of all URLs – followed by a manual walkthrough of the structure on each site. All elements that can be optimized will be noted, and a requirements specifications will be written, as a prioritized list of each POI, that can be assessed by the Demandware partner. Of elements that can be implemented without following development aid we offer the following “on-site” tasks among many other:

  • Titles and meta texts
  • Headers on content sites
  • URL structure
  • Manual sitemap


Why start out with a Demandware SEO audit?

By starting your SEO project with an audit, you get a complete overview of the short-sight possibilities – and which elements that can be optimized in connection with a development board. It is important to make sure that you prioritize potentiel implementations by their potential yield. When dealing with SEO the yield is most often increased visibility on relevant search terms. These can be summarized into an overall monetary value, that the project will have – based on the existing conversion rates, eventual other measuring parameters and KPIs that the company might have set up in advance.

Receive a SEO potential analysis free of charge

At spinnaker Nordic we give you – without any cost, a possibility of having a dialogue about the potential of a Demandware SEO project, before you decide whether you find it relevant or not.
Demandware clients we have worked with include:

  • Norbreeze Group
  • Ganni

Contact us today for a noncommittal conversations about the possibilities. Call our general manager Simon Paag at (+45 26712897).