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Since 2014, we have been developing solutions for E-commerce companies accelerating through the Shopify platform. From startup projects looking to kickstart sales to large organisations seeking to scale their business through online growth, we have seen ourselves as a key partner with Shopify and the E-commerce businesses that we partner with. 

Shopify Plus

For our retail organisations that wish to scale their business across multiple markets, and currencies and with a need to communicate in several languages - we have secured knowledge and experience through Shopify's enterprise solution 'Shopify Plus'.

We can proudly conclude that working with large projects through Shopify is amongst our core competencies and that we can offer close to 24/7 support and operational SLAs having scaled our team across our HQ in Copenhagen, our remote team in Germany and our subsidiary in Singapore.

You can read more about Shopify Plus, and how they can help you reach your goals online here:
Web & E-commerce

Shopify and PIM

Working with product information is a major part of reaching the next of E-commerce, and we are proud to have partnered up with Struct - a renowned PIM software with a combination of ease of use and powerful features for data modelling is the preferred solution for the companies we work with.

Shopify is a great CMS, but when it comes to managing products and scaling across large amounts of datasets, and processes for enrichment the E-commerce team needs to scale the operations through a PIM setup.

Being a partner involves knowing the hands-on processes, and the Spinnaker Nordic team consists of specialists and experts with hands-on knowledge from the client side available to transfer knowledge to any team.

If you want to know more about PIM solutions and how we can help you achieve new heights of growth and scalability, you can reach out to our founder: Simon Paag

Shopify and Digital Marketing

Search marketing and social media are key cornerstones of any E-commerce success and for retail businesses seeking to achieve online sales. The Shopify platform is an ideal element within a scalable strategy, that includes putting the right products in front of the right audience at the right time.

We work with a combination of data tools that can extract data from Shopify's web analytics, the media cost from various media and sales performance derived from marketing to ensure that the options of automation are in place.

Alongside these datasets, it is possible to illustrate a real-time performance overview and put the right numbers in front of the decision makers.

You can read more about our SEM and SoMe divisions, our SoMe team and how they can contribute through scalable: SEM & Programmatic, Social Media Marketing

Already convinced?

Our process.

1. Specification

With the near-infinite possible configurations of Shopify and the added possibility of utilizing proprietary Spinnaker Nordic plug-ins, we have the possibility of tailoring the online store to match your brand and communicate your values to potential consumers. Through a collaborative effort combining your vision and our expertise, we create an ideal solution for your Shopify Shop needs.

2. Development and configuration

The process of developing and integrating Shopify is a natural continuation of the ongoing collaboration, and you will be involved in as much of the decision-making process as you want, in order to make sure that the Shopify Shop becomes exactly what you envision.

3. Leveraging scalability

During the Shopify setup process, it is possible to set up extensions that enhance the interactive possibilities between Shopify and Social Media- and Search Engine Optimization platforms. In the long run, Shopify data provides invaluable insights about your consumers and their on-site behavior. In this process, our talented SoMe and SeM team will gladly contribute with their expertise to what is the most beneficial use of Shopify in the given scenario.

4. Continuous monitoring and operations

Working with and optimizing online stores never ends. Therefore, we continually monitor and optimize the Shopify setup and the agreed-upon synergies. The intensity of the performance-upkeep is negotiable and is often discussed on a retainer basis. Our dedicated web team is always ready to offer an estimate on the size of an ongoing partnership between you and Spinnaker Nordic.

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