Get in touch with your target audience, with Snapchat Ads. This is a unique possibility of having an effective impact on a channel that gives am outstanding creative impression.

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  • Read Snapchat’s guidelines here (Opens a PDF.)

166 million people use Snapchat each day.

And the amount of daily Snapchat uses increased by 36 percent from Q1 2016 to Q1 2017 – from 122 million users to 166 million .

Snapchat ads

The formats used in ads broadcasted by the Snapchat interface are as follows;
Snap Ad Specifications
We see it as an ideal possibility of aiding our customers and collaborators thru reaching a young target audience in a ultra-modern way. –Simon PaagFounder of Spinnaker Nordic.
Snapchat ask their advertisers to comply with a number of policies and guidelines, that need to be taken into consideration when producing ads. For example, it is prohibited to produce ads in which film is made whilst driving, ads containing any sort of racist undertones or messages, ads containing clearly intoxicated individuals and ads containing explicit nudity are all prohibited.
Furthermore, there’s a number of subjects that cannot be presented in ads. These include, adult content, cigarettes, tobacco and weapons. Likewise, you cannot direct ads toward countries that are currently being sanctioned by the United States.

Targeting in Snapchat Ads

When building a campaign in the Snapchat Ads-interface, there’s as a starting a need of defining goals. This can be either Impressions, Swipe-ups or App-installs. This means that the platform can be used either for driving more traffic and app-installs, but ads on Snapchat can also be used for branding and reach-campaigns.

Furthermore, there’s 4 targeting groups are specified:

  1. Lifestyles
  2. Shoppers
  3. Viewers
  4. Visitors

The data used by Snapchat so far for targeting origins primarily from Comscore, Datalogix and PlaceIQ. These so called “data providers”, who via their databases of users deliver solution for many different types of ad deliverers. Applicably you can expect that these providers are very consolidated around The United States, which preliminary might cause some restrictions for advertisements within Europe, for other targeting groups than the “Lifestyles” group. The segments within the primarily used “Lifestyles” group are given below;
Snapchat Ads Audiences

Production of Snapchat Ads

The video above was made and uploaded to Snapchat within minutes – we’ve then compared the format with productions that include studio produced material, professional speaks and graphically edited content, but the conclusion was, that in every case the given format above has performed more effectively. Our conclusion was that ads such as these are more fitting for the Snapchat media, and you’ll typically have a larger reach with an ad that is reminiscent of a Snapchat video.
Ironically, we made a test producing an ad solely by using the Snapchat app – just the way an average user would make a Snapchat Mystory. The video was then downloaded, and added to the Snapchat Ad interface. It turns out that this video format is not compatible with the Snapchat format requirements. During our testing we’ve made the following findings:

  • You cannot use Snapchat’s logo within your ad
  • The advertisement platform is still somewhat buggy
  • It’s obvious that their planning out a cookie based remarketing option, but this feature is still in the works.
  • They have a very well-functioning API. The possibilities are numerous and the options of creating sorts of automatization solutions are huge.
  • It’s also clear that they’re developing tracking based on E-mails. This would be an effective way of going past some of the challenges that occur with platform such as GA & Adwords
  • The third-party data isn’t functioning as of now – at least not in Denmark
  • We managed to get a CPM of about 2.42USD on average, an eCPSU of about 0.25USD.

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