Do you need assistance with video advertisement?

It has become more and more popular to advertise via video. We are a modern oriented consultant agency, that adapts and follows the trends of social media and marketing. As for that reason, we naturally offer video advertising solutions. Video advertisement can be relevant in numerous different circumstances, we’ve gathered a list of the most popular channels for video advertising as of now;

  • YouTube TrueView
    – video ad format, in which you have the possibility of driving ”TrueView advertising”, toward specified target audiences and YouTube videos, that are embedded into other websites.
  • Snapchat Ads
    – video ad format, in which you have the possibility of reaching the target audiences that has the phone at hand – via Snapchats App.
  • Facebook Ads
    – Facebook has become a very popular media for people who wish to advertise via video. On Facebook, it’s possible to achieve both a paid and large organic reach. If you produce quality content, that excites the targeted audience, it’s possible to achieve an even larger organic reach.
  • LinkedIn
    – The site; LinkedIn launched a native video advertising format, that has been frequently used since it’s initiation. When producing video ads for LinkedIn it’s very important that the content and format is fitted specifically for their platform.
  • Display Video Ads
    The different ad networks that we know from RTB and display advertising are generally speaking a possibility of presenting your content to very sharply defined target audiences. Some people call this format “Web TV” and there is a number different ad networks that provide this type of advertising.

The Technical Format

You should that the larger the size of your video the more it’s going to cost you per view. For that reason, the TrueView- & Snapchat-formats as mentioned above are very popular, as you do not pay extra for ad-hosting.
As video ads can be expensive to host, it’s a very good idea to get counseling in regard to the start-up- and production phase. We at Spinnaker Nordic have had success with reformatting videos with the purpose of making these “lighter” and thereby cheaper.

The Creative Format

When advertising online, whether it’s banners, text ads or video ads, you will be competing with other suppliers for the attention of the potential customer. Internet users are generally impatient, and it’s important that you actively make an effort maintain their attention.
The best video productions abound with creativity and fantasy. Good- well produced video advertisements tickle your sense of curiosity retains the perceiver.
Even though you might produce a great video ad, there is no guarantee that people with watch your video all the way through. Therefore, you should always have a message, call to action and the logo of your brand very early in the video.
Within the bound of creative productions, we have found that it is frequently pays off to do the following:

  • Add “Call To Actions” E.g. Subscribe, Click here, See more etc.
  • Include a logo that’s visible throughout the whole video, optionally in one of the corners of your video.
  • Add an intro with logo and comprehensive points from the ad as the first frame

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