Motion pictures & sound fascinates and captivates.

There are many valid reasons to include video in your marketing strategy and course of action. Video can be utilized in many different advertisement contexts; among others this format can prove to be very effective in connection with TV-commercials and Social media marketing. In addition to this there are more and more, market agents implementing video material into the representation of their products, frequently along with images and text.
Quite a lot of the social media channels, including Facebook and LinkedIn, which de facto favors video-material above other content. This further making it clear, that video-material to a great extent performs formidable on many channels.
When advertising with video material, it is very important that the video-content is produced with thought for platform and target audience. Creating a TV-commercial it is anticipated that the productions values are quite high – if this is not the case, the viewer will rapidly become disinterested, thus doing more harm than good.
When communicating via pictures and sound, there is a strictly specific set of rules, that should be recognized, if you want to be in control of how communicative actions are decoded by the receiver. If you wish to affect the receiver in a specific intended way, using video-content, it’s of the utmost importance to have a comprehensive knowledge of what is known as audiovisual semiotics.
This means, that one should have a broad knowledge, of how the different audiovisual measures inflict the receipt of the video-content. If you should want to have this elaborated, it is advantageously to include Ronald Barthers’ terms on denotation and connotation. Barthes developed these terms in connection with picture analysis, but they are just as useful in the subject of production of video.
Denotation refers to the primary level, also known as the lexical layer. An objective evaluation of perception, so to say.
The connotative layer, will on the other hand touch upon connotation of the inherent elements of the content. The connotative layer is based upon socio-cultural codes, that we as humans learn throughout our life. When dealing with the connotative layer, in audiovisual content the analyst has taste for detail, focusing on single elements of the content, and how these affect each other in the overall reception of the media-content.
If one aims to successfully and efficiently implement video-marketing content into their specific campaigning. It is of great importance to have a general idea of the different colors, symbols, soundtracks and the aforementioned effects on the final image. We will in detail evaluate and guide you through different processes, in each step on the way to the finished product.
In the case of video-production we can contribute in every way imaginable. If you need guidance and counseling, about which channels and platforms to utilize, we will gladly guide you through the pros and cons. If you need a couple of creative minds, devising relevant storylines, that captivates your specific audience, we have couple in-house. Do you need assistance with the hands-on video-production, we have the expertise and tools. We have producers with great skills in both recording and post-production.
So, without further ado, if we seem like a potential guidance counselor or video-producer in your ongoing or soon to be video-marketing campaigns, do not hesitate to reach out to us, at +45 71 99 16 00 and learn about your options – free of charge