Physical Event


oktober 11, 2022 // 12:00


Simon Paag




4-5 Days


Organized by Spinnaker Nordic 


The Southeast Asian market is home to 8,5% of the world’s consumers and neighboring the Chinese market. Through a pre-planned 4-day workweek, you will be introduced to the local market by a number of local businesses, along with the Ecommerce Expo Asia conference 2022

Target group

The ideal participant will be heading up a retail organization expanding to SEA or having ambitions on growing their business in this region. Potentially, also including people working hands on with ecommerce, retail marketing or business development within a retail organization. 


11th – 14th October 2022.

The flights from Denmark to Singapore are currently accessible for Danish passport holders, and we are updating on the travel restrictions as the Covid-19 pandemic consequences seem to fade in severity. 

What you will get from this trip

  1. Deep insights into the SEA market with concrete examples of how you can expand your business locally. 
  2. A template on how to start and operate your ecommerce business from end to end including marketing, distribution and logistics. 
  3. Network and direct connections to some of the best and most successful profiles and companies on ground.

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to fit in video meetings and also find time to get some emailing done, so you can ensure that you keep the wheels turning back home.




11th of October – Market insights and a visit to a local retail player

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12th – 13th October 2022, Ecommerce Expo Singapore, Marina Bay Sands

  • Official programme
  • Networking 

14th October 2022 Visiting one of the major key market places in SEA

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Explore an unique opportunity...

Experience Singapore with Spinnaker Nordic's president; Simon Paag. A trip centered around expanding your business knowledge into the Asian market and its unique opportunities...