Simon Paag

General Manager

You might have heard about Simon. Or you know Simon for sure. Simon knows everyone and this has only benefited the company since he started Spinnaker Nordic in 2014. After moving home to Denmark from his secure job with Google in Dublin, he has created a company with constant development, engagement among employees and team spirit.

Simon is hard to put in a box, but you need to know he loves to sail. And that’s actually all you need to know about Simon for a good chat. Simon is always curious about people and wants to get involved – whether it’s about a big business project or whether it’s over a high on St. Peder.

Simon is a strategist and rarely has his fingers in the bun dough. On the other hand, he always has the overview and is critical if a challenge can be solved better than it is planned.

In 2019 Simon started Three Academy as a natural part of the company’s knowledge about insourcing, learning and sharing of competences. Three Academy is under the same roof, but is a different company created with Frans Lykke – a former colleague from Google.

Meet Simon – he loves meeting new people!

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