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An agency with a long-standing focus on E-commerce

Since 2014, we have developed solutions for E-commerce companies that increase their growth through the Shopify platform. From startups that need to kick-start their sales to large organizations with ambitions to scale their business through online growth, we have been a central partner and link between Shopify and the E-commerce companies we work with. We have extensive experience with all types of shops and also know how to scale internationally.


Konges Sløjd Cherry Club

Read how we created an engaging customer club for a rapidly growing Danish brand.

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Spinnaker Nordic's very own Shopify theme

In fact, we love Shopify so much that we've created our very own theme. It is, if we do say so ourselves, among the best themes you can get your hands on. And it can be customized should there be any unique needs. It's actually so good that we've made our own website, which you're on right now, in our own theme, even though we're not an e-commerce business.

Watch our promotional video for our Horizon theme here:

The best page speed

We have tested Horizon's page speed with the existing themes on the Shopify Theme Store. Horizon delivers the best page speed, i.a. due to the Tree Shaking code technique, where we remove unnecessary code that minimizes the load package and with code splitting, which splits the code into smaller parts that are loaded according to the user's needs, which minimizes the size of the code package and thus drastically reduces the shop's load time.

Always up-to-date

Through our many years of collaboration with various Shopify webshops from a sea of ​​industries, we have gathered experience and continuously gain new insights, which we proactively incorporate into Horizon and constantly optimize to the highest standard.

In addition, your shop is always integrated with major Shopify updates, which happen several times a month. Can e.g. also result in savings when apps become native functions in Shopify.

We have also prepared a tracking setup which ensures correct data intake and distribution to various tracking tools, e.g. GA4 and GTM.

Ongoing support

With our Horizon, we can provide the best support, as we know the code inside and out because we wrote it ourselves from scratch. Our customers greatly appreciate that we can provide Danish-speaking telephone support directly from those who have developed the theme, so that they do not have to wait for an email reply. In addition, regular sparring with a focus on optimizing and growing the shop is part of our service agreement, which must ensure continuous development of your business.


Humdakin's Journey to the Horizon theme

Humdakin had a webshop that had existed for a number of years with the same design. With the implementation of Horizon, they were able to create a stronger overview of their products for their customers, a much faster load time on both desktop and mobile - with progress from 71 to 95 in Google's Lighthouse performance test . As well as a setup that will be continuously optimized with new features and updates that future-proof Humdakin in a highly competitive market.

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Our process


How much does Shopify development cost?

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, a development process or move to the Horizon theme will typically start from DKK 50,000.

How long does the development process take?

The development process includes a clarification process, then design of your desired solutions, which are subsequently developed. Finally, the new shop will be delivered, with the possibility of ongoing optimization and operation on a retainer basis. Along the way, there is an open dialogue with the customer, who is constantly informed about the process and has the opportunity to give feedback. This process will take a minimum of 3 months.

If I change the Shopify theme, can I keep my SEO value?

It is extremely important to maintain the SEO value your shop has built up. To ensure this, we always do the following:

  • Submits an updated XML sitemap to the search engines that reflects the new structure of your Shopify website
  • We ensure that your content and metadata (title tags, meta descriptions, etc.) transferred to the new Shopify site. Consistent and relevant metadata is essential for SEO.
  • We check whether there are any encounter 404 errors that may occur after the migration. If we identify 404 errors these are quickly resolved.
  • Canonical tags will be implemented on the relevant Shopify pages to indicate it preferred version of a page if there are multiple URLs with similar ones contents.
  • We use tools like Google Search Console to crawl your new Shopify site and identify any indexing issues that may affect SEO, these are then fixed.

Can I optimize my sales in Shopify?

Shopify is specially developed to create high performing
webshops, with a seamless user experience that turns traffic into
conversions. With our expertise in CRO analysis and implementation, even customers with a well-functioning webshop will find that we can lift the one with best practices and the latest breakthroughs in design by user experience and to transform traffic into loyal end customers.

How do you handle a shop with several hundred product information?

We have a collaboration with Struct PIM - a strong PIM system that contains a combination of ease of use and powerful functions for handling product information. It is a solution that is perfect for managing products and scaling across large volumes of data sets and processes for enrichment. It is the preferred solution for the companies we work with.