Tag management and tracking

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Tracking and tag management (including server-side tracking) play a crucial role in modern digital marketing and web analytics.

At a time when the protection of personal data and user privacy has become a central theme, proper tag management and server-side tracking is a more secure and efficient way to collect and process user data. At Spinnaker Nordic, we have specialized in tracking for almost 10 years, as we believe that this makes us an ideal partner to help companies implement and optimize both digital campaigns and their tracking.

Server-side tracking

Traditionally, tracking on the Internet has been based on client-side methods, where tracking scripts run in the user's browser. This often involves the use of cookies to collect data about user behavior. In contrast, server-side tracking takes place on the server. This means that data collection and processing takes place at the server level before it is passed on to analytical tools or marketing platforms.

In 2024, Google Chrome will phase out the use of third-party cookies, making server-side tracking more relevant than ever.

Advantages of server-side tracking

  1. Improved Data Security and Privacy : By processing data on the server, the risk of data leakage is reduced and ensures better compliance with data protection laws such as GDPR.

  2. Higher Data Quality : Server-side tracking is less susceptible to blocking from adblockers and browsers, resulting in more accurate and complete data sets.

  3. Better Performance : By moving processing away from users' devices, one can improve website performance and user experience.

  4. Customization options : Server-side tracking allows greater flexibility in data collection and processing, enabling tracking to be tailored to specific business needs.

Tag management

Most websites need good tag management, for the simple reason that no one, either internally or externally, has an overview of the current tracking setup if it is not set up in the system.

Therefore, over a number of years, we have specialized in the use of Google Tag Manager, and all aspects including when we do tag management for our customers.

Part of tag management is i.a. cookie compliance, where we follow the latest solutions; e.g. Google Consent Mode, which we have implemented for most of our customers.

Why us?

At Spinnaker Nordic, we have many years of experience with digital marketing, analysis and tracking. This makes us an ideal choice for companies that want to implement a strong tracking setup. Here are some reasons to choose us:

  1. Expertise and Experience : We have a team of experts with deep understanding of both technical and marketing aspects of server-side tracking.
  2. Customized Solutions : We understand that every business has unique needs and offer customized solutions that meet these specific requirements.
  3. Focus on ROI : We take pride in ensuring that our clients' investments in digital marketing yield a strong ROI.
  4. Commitment to Data Protection : We are deeply committed to ensuring that all solutions comply with applicable data protection legislation.
  5. Training and Support : In addition to implementing solutions, we offer training and support - we also call this insourcing - to ensure that our customers get the most out of their tracking.