When it makes sense to move competences into the organisation.

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What is insourcing?

We are proud that over time we have helped a number of the best Danish companies to become independent and move their skills in-house. But what does it actually mean?

It's not just one thing

Our insourcing is not a single solution that can be packaged. It starts with a starting point in your organisation, and a deeper analysis of what will both benefit the most and be the economically smartest way to go.

Based on our analysis and work with your organization, we create a concrete plan for what should be insourced - and what should not be insourced.

Typically, it concerns competences in an in-house team. Here we often see that the real specialist skills are located with external consultants or agencies, which charge a high hourly rate for the work. This is where we ask: Why don't those skills reside in the company?

Therefore, we typically create a process where we are responsible for the process of recruiting, training, training and helping the new faces, who must build the skills that are otherwise not in the company.

We helped Unisport to be able to run their own marketing across countries

Spinnaker Nordic and Unisport began a collaboration in 2014, where Spinnaker Nordic consisted of individual consultants, where the collaboration was to contribute to the then process of:

  1. To scale marketing across existing and future markets
  2. To free Unisport for the operation of marketing activities via Google
  3. To find and develop a model for measuring the effect of marketing