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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) or how we squeeze more juice out of the fruits

The traffic you get to your website must ultimately be converted
in soft or hard conversions - whether your company operates on
BtB or BtC market, you must meet your customers' needs and at the same time have a design that visually and user-wise prevents so much friction as possible that logically leads to a sale.

Our process

Data shows the way

The correct tracking of your data is essential. When we can see how users act on their side, we can hypothesize why
and what experiments we can perform to make them hit
the conversion goals we have. Without accurate tracking, we fumble blind and may end up with t optimize based on erroneous assumptions, which may result in fewer conversions, therefore this part is so decisive and the foundation on which we must always start.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a crucial process in conversion optimization that helps you make informed decisions based on actual user data. This method, also known as split testing, involves comparing two versions of a website, often called A and B, to determine which one performs best in relation to a specific goal, e.g. CTR, number of conversions, time spent on the website etc.

The digital landscape is changing

Digital development is lightning fast and constantly changing, and so are your competitors, therefore it is crucial to be at the forefront of the development so that you always ensure that your traffic converts.

Increase earnings per visitor

Once you get traffic to your site, you need to make sure it converts according to your desired KPIs and the better a CRO you have, the more you get out of your traffic in terms of sales and the size of their shopping cart.

More effective use of marketing budget

Instead of spending bigger and bigger budgets on generating traffic to your website, a better use of your marketing budget can be on conversion optimization. As you thus get the most revenue possible from the traffic you already receive today.

Better understanding and activation of your target groups

A strong CRO analysis will give you a better understanding of your target group's behavior and the actions on your website and give you a deeper knowledge of how you can influence their movement patterns in the direction you want.

Landing page optimization

Landing page optimization plays a vital role in creating an effective online presence and maximizing conversions. A landing page is often the first impression potential customers get of your company or product, so it's crucial to make this moment as compelling and seamless as possible to keep the user on your page and guide them to the next logical steps down of the sales funnel.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization important?

What is CRO?

When it comes to digital marketing, it's not just enough to attract traffic, but also to ensure that that traffic actually takes the actions you want. This is where the Conversion Rate is
Optimization aka conversion optimization comes into the picture as your tool to optimize your online performance.

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. Simply put, CRO is a digital strategy designed to improve your website's performance by optimizing visitor actions such as clicking buttons, filling out forms and ultimately becoming customers. CRO is a discipline that can be carried out both at webshops on the B2C market, e.g. increase revenue, but also to the same extent on the B2B market, where it can increase the number of leads you get through your website.

Basically, CRO is about understanding what makes your visitors convert. The conversion goal depends on your selected KPIs. A conversion can e.g. be signing up for a newsletter, creating a user, putting products in the shopping basket, filling out a contact form and completing a purchase. An essential element of CRO is to make your digital lemonade stand as user-friendly as possible, so that the user experience is as frictionless as possible and we avoid the user stopping in their purchasing journey.

Conversion rate optimization Shopify: Maximize your e-commerce

If you run an online store on Shopify, CRO is like the hidden force that can transform your visitors into paying customers. Here are a few points that can increase your conversion rate:

Optimize product descriptions
Make your product descriptions as seductive as a chocolate praline. Explain not only what your product does, but how it solves visitors' problems.

Highlight reviews
People trust other people's opinions. If someone has said that your products are like a rainbow on a rainy day, it should be front and center.

Simplify the payment process
The easier it is to buy, the more likely your visitors will become customers. CRO is about making the entire buying experience as smooth as possible.

Conversion rate optimization B2B :
Get more leads

As a company that operates on the BtB market, you typically want to annoy leads through your website, they then have a greater chance of converting to sales than cold leads who don't know you. Here, CRO is an optimal tool to maximize the number of leads you get from your traffic or increase the number of visitors who perform other desired actions.

Here are a few focus points that can optimize your conversion rate:

Optimize your website's user experience (UX):
Make it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Make clear calls to action (CTA):
Use clear and eye-catching CTAs that encourage visitors to take action, e.g. from "Download our e-book" to "Learn how to close more sales". Place CTAs strategically on your pages.

Optimize forms:
Simplify forms and reduce the number of required fields to increase conversions. Use clear instructions and explanations to help visitors complete the form.

Build trust:
Use testimonials, customer reviews and case studies to build trust with visitors. Make your company's credibility and expertise visible.

Test and adjust:
Run A/B tests to evaluate different elements like headlines, CTAs, colors and layout. Use data from the tests to continuously optimize and improve your pages.