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We are a digital marketing agency with experienced media planners and access to the latest trends and tools.

We hit your target groups right.

Reach interested or potentially interested customers through search engine marketing and programmatic media planning and advertising. We develop campaign plans that can achieve exactly your goals.

This is how we start a collaboration

A search strategy and a keyword analysis is the first thing we do when we start a collaboration around search advertising. Here the foundations are laid and the first questions are asked. This results in a plan which typically extends over 3-6 months.

When we're well underway

Running search ads is something that happens continuously. You don't slam it in a single month (or 6). It takes time, requires the collection of data and, not least, a lot of tests. Therefore, after the first 3-6 months with the first learnings, we will take your company on the journey, where we will really speed up performance and development.

Google Ads

The biggest search engine in the world, and here the foundation stones for our little agency were laid. We have worked with it for so long that we are used to calling it AdWords.

Microsoft Advertising

Bing is an underrated advertising space in which we and virtually all customers see incredibly good performance.

Our 4 steps in a circular process that ensures development and performance in search advertising


What should we do, why, and how? A strategy can be based on many things, but first and foremost it is about your business goals. Therefore, we will always try to link the search strategy to the company's strategy.


The strategic foundation lays the foundation for how we plan and activate the strategy on a tactical level on the search engines. Here, we will continuously have some must-wins, which we constantly articulate and act on.


The craft that gives it all air under its wings. Our experienced team puts together everything from account structure to audiences and negative search terms, so that it matches the goals and the planning we have made.


We continuously learn from the data we get from the advertising systems. That is why it is important to never stand still. Therefore, our learnings are a natural final part of the process, as they form the basis of an optimized and improved strategy.