5 ideer til hvad du kan bruge det nye ".ing" Top-Level Domæne til

5 ideas for what you can use the new ".ing" Top-Level Domain for

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Have you heard about the new .ing domain?
And what it can be used for?
Here are 5 ideas for the new TLD:
  1. Highlight your events : If you host events, workshops or activities, you can create a special page with the .ing domain for the event, where people can register e.g. summerparty.ing, skateboard.ing etc.
  2. Landing pages : You can create a very specific landing page for a given topic, e.g. mov.ing, which via a CTA on the page links directly to a moving company that offers moving services.
  3. Better targeting : It helps visitors immediately understand what your page is about, resulting in more relevant visitors and potentially higher conversion rate. When a search is made for "paint" and the website paint.ing appears, the user will easily be able to identify what the website contains.
  4. Url shortening : You can shorten your url e.g. from teaching.dk to teach.ing. A URL abbreviation has the advantage that it takes up less space in your posts on social media, in advertising texts and can be easier to remember. In addition, it can be used as a link that redirects directly to a specific subpage.
  5. Keyword domain : If your primary keyword ends in ing, you can create a website where the keyword is included in the url, which thus clearly and quickly communicates your service/product and can indirectly have a small SEO effect, but more about that in last episode.

How do you get a .ing domain?

Until the 5th of December, there is a pre-registration period during which you can pre-register your domain with selected domain registrers, such as GoDaddy etc., however, if there are several pre-registrations of the same domain, it will be auctioned. You can therefore not be 100% sure of getting the domain, but after the 5th of December the domains that are not already pre-registered will be open for immediate purchase. The risk of pre-registration is that you cannot be sure of getting the domain, but also if you wait until after the 5th of December, the domain might have been snatched by another person who has pre-registered the domain, which would be quite likely if it is a popular domain.

However, there can be a large price difference depending on the domain's demand, e.g. moving can be pre-registered for DKK 137.11, while painting costs DKK 5,967.44 on an annual basis.

Is there SEO value to be gained with the .ing domain?

The short answer is NO. But the medium answer is a bit more nuanced. According to John Mueller, Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst, there is no direct correlation between searching for "paint" and paint.ing appearing on page 1 of the Google search. When asked about the effect of having a keyword in his top-level domain, he replied: “In short, no. You don't get a special bonus like that from having a keyword in your top-level domain.” . But there may well be an indirect effect, when you search for "paint" and paint.ing appears in the search results, it can give a higher CTR, because the user will immediately be able to understand that this website contains what he/she is looking for, which can also minimize bounce rate. Overall, user behavior will indicate to Google that users find the website relevant in relation to the search term. It will ultimately improve your ranking on the given keyword, but it is difficult to predict the size of the effect, compared to Google's 200 other ranking factors .

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