Hvilken CMP skal du vælge? Kampen er i gang.

Which CMP should you choose? The battle is on.

Who should you choose from the two Danish market leaders at CMP?

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Should it be CookieBot or Cookie Information? Both companies with foundations in Denmark are fighting for market shares in (what we consider a no-brainer) investment in compliance as a digital company right now.

The only question is: Who should you choose?

We have tested both solutions and do not have a clear winner. But we have some quick pros & cons that we'd like to share:

Cookie Information


  1. Investing in the Piwik analysis tool, can become a dangerous and very interesting cocktail of analysis and cookie compliance. This can make them the only right choice, as you get 2 for the price of one.
  2. Excellent dashboard (if you pay for it) with an overview of consents.
  3. Lots of customization options.


  1. A bit expensive, and without a good free solution.
  2. Poor interface that is hard to see through.
  3. Too difficult to adapt if you are not a front-end user.



  1. Have a Template in Google Tag Manager, which makes it easy to implement, so everything can be run through GTM.
  2. Nice free solution for small sites.
  3. OK interface and cooler appearance on consent box.


  1. Not many customization options visually.
  2. Poor interface (though a bit easier than Cookie Information).


Both solutions support Google Consent Mode and comply with GDPR regulations.

Who's winning?

We're leaning a bit towards CookieBot these days, but keep an eye on what's happening at Cookie Information.


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