Datadrevne produktbannere for med Raptors recommendation engine og GMP

Data-driven product banners for with Raptors recommendation engine and GMP

The challenge

Data-driven marketing is a high priority for With Raptor as a recommendation engine and the GMP stack implemented, faced the challenge of delivering a user-tailored experience - unique for each user across platforms. We were asked to solve the task on display purchased through DV360 and Campaign Manager.

The solution

We have created a complete setup through Campaign Manager, DV360 and Studio, which collects Raptor's recommendations at the user level, and in real-time creates a customized experience for each individual impression. We have developed the banner design in collaboration with's marketing department and carried out all parts of the implementation.

Google Marketing Platform meets Raptor - in a split second

In this project, we have fused the best of two worlds together. Raptor's recommendations based on AI and machine learning send products directly into a banner in real-time.

Even before the auction is won and the banner is loaded (on e.g. we know whether we know the user. At the moment when the banner is loaded, GMP sends the user ID to our banner, which then asks Raptor which products we should show to the user in question.

All this happens in a split second, and the user gets a personal and not least relevant experience.

Specially developed banner set

Together with's marketing team, we have developed a design and a banner setup that suits their business. It includes i.a. dynamic spar messages and automatic optimization of the selection of products.

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