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What does Spinnaker mean?

Spinnaker is the name of the largest sail on a sailing boat, and it is the sail that you carry when you have the wind in your back. Being a company founded in the nordic region, we named ourselves Spinnaker Nordic and we are proud to help take our clients along with the wind.

We exists to create growth for our clients, and with our transparent approach, to an otherwise intransparent sector, you will get insights in our work progress and your performance. We can deliver a professional at a low cost, due to focus on optimizing our internal processes.

Mads Haulund

Senior Reporting Specialist
71 99 16 00

Nichlas Brinch Stage

AdWords Specialist
53 67 53 55

Christian Caspersen

AdWords Specialist
71 99 16 00

Kenneth Jakobsen

Backend Developer
71 99 16 60 0

Jonas Hannemann

Client Manager
71 99 16 00

Simon Paag

Founder, Marketing Director
26 71 28 97

Simon Elkjær

Partner, Managing Director
50 50 97 64


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