Let's set course towards your 2020 worthy digital marketing.

We learn with you, and together we will develop your marketing across media to be sharper and more effective for each day. Your data and creativity will merge, as it should.

What’s a spinnaker and what does it do?

It’s the biggest sail that sailors use when they need the speed of the boat to be as fast as possible. We transferred this concept to digital marketing - we are your spinnaker and we help you sail extra fast in the seas of digital marketing. Our team of experienced "sailors" takes you through the course which begins with strategy and ends with an even better one.


Everything we do starts with taking a step back to understand the challenge.


Content that performs and is optimized for every channel, target group or platform.


When a campaign has been running, we collect valuable knowledge and share it with you.


We set up your campaigns and make sure that data is the main focus.

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