Google Ad Grants

Free marketing for charities

Is your business non-profit, or does your business drive a non-profit subsidiary or cause?
Then you might be eligible for a Google Ad Grant. We in Spinnaker Nordic will carry you trough the start-up phase and application process.
Subsequently your marketing will be driven by Spinnaker in the same way, that we’ve had the honor of driving numerous profitable Adwords campaigns.

The only difference is, that with a Google Ad grant, you will be eligible for a monthly Adwords budget of

USD10.000 free of charge

Do you need assistance with Google Ad Grants?

Call us on +45 71 99 16 00 or send us an e-mail

Thus, provided that your cause is non-profitable, you’ll be able to run your Adwords campaigns without the expenses associated with marketing on the platform.

Our service, and the way we work with Google Adwords, and thus Google Ad Grants, is fundamentally grounded in our desire to create transparent solutions for our customers and associates.

Our contracts always involve a monthly check-up based on the principle that healthy campaigns entail ongoing optimizing and tweaking, to achieve the best possible development.

Native Advertising

Efficient ad-format to support the ad-content

Native advertisement is paid advertisement, where the ad matches the media in which it is represented. In other words, the ad has the same form and function as the residual surrounding content. Because of the natural occurrence in the nature of native advertising ads the content of the ads themselves should always be high-quality and non-intrusive

In many cases native advertising is represented in papers and magazines in the form of sponsored articles. Sponsored articles should be written in the same form and tone that characterizes the media in question. Thus, as per definition of native-advertising, you’re not able to reuse the ad-content in several different medias.

Native Advertising should always engage and captivate the consumer, and the consumer should never in any way feel that their subdued to marketing, when being confronted with native advertisement. The best-case scenario being, that the consumer doesn’t notice that they’re exposed to advertisement.

We possess the abilities of creating perfect native advertising-content, furthermore we can maintain distribution of the content. If you want to learn more about, specifically what we can do for your, reach out to us at +45 71 99 16 00. 

Conversion Optimization

Earn more by optimizing the conversion rate

Did you know that it is highly likely that you can increase your sales significantly, without increasing your click spend on Facebook, Google, etc.?

In short – conversion optimization is about increasing the click through rate of visitors who are more likely to end up either completing a buy or reaching out to you.

An increase in visitors is not necessarily and increase in sales

In many cases, we’ve found and proved, that a brief review of a website can increase the conversion rate – and thereby the turnover by more than 10%.

At Spinnaker Nordic we’ve got more than 5 years’ experience with conversion optimization, and by virtue – optimization of online sales.

Do you wish to increase your sales?

Call us on +45 71 99 16 00 or write us at

Increase the sales of your online store

Have your low-hanging fruit pointed out, and increase your conversion rate, with a total site review by Spinnaker Nordic.

A professional assessment by a fresh set of eyes, that walks through a specific set of touchpoints that can secure you an increase in sales with a static amount of visitors.

The conversion-rate report is for all

Every website and online store in all stages and sizes can bear fruit from our report. Websites that haven’t been launched yet as well as websites, that has been in the game for years, can benefit from a conversion report drafted by us.

Test your way to increased sales

Maybe you’re familiar with the term “a website is never finished”. In large this is quite true. Especially at a time where the majority of traffic on the web is no longer driven by computers, but smartphones and tablets.

By setting up tests you’ll be able to get an ongoing insight, of how changes on your website can be contributive or counteractive to your amount of conversions.

An optimization progress at Spinnaker Nordic, usually starts out with a report, and is then continued with an ongoing cooperation, where we, example granted, once a month set up a test of your website.

This would be the standard course of action for online stores or different kinds of web shops, that already has driven sales and traffic

Video Production

Motion pictures & sound fascinates and captivates.


There are many valid reasons to include video in your marketing strategy and course of action. Video can be utilized in many different advertisement contexts; among others this format can prove to be very effective in connection with TV-commercials and Social media marketing. In addition to this there are more and more, market agents implementing video material into the representation of their products, frequently along with images and text.

Quite a lot of the social media channels, including Facebook and LinkedIn, which de facto favors video-material above other content. This further making it clear, that video-material to a great extent performs formidable on many channels.



When advertising with video material, it is very important that the video-content is produced with thought for platform and target audience. Creating a TV-commercial it is anticipated that the productions values are quite high – if this is not the case, the viewer will rapidly become disinterested, thus doing more harm than good.

When communicating via pictures and sound, there is a strictly specific set of rules, that should be recognized, if you want to be in control of how communicative actions are decoded by the receiver. If you wish to affect the receiver in a specific intended way, using video-content, it’s of the utmost importance to have a comprehensive knowledge of what is known as audiovisual semiotics.



This means, that one should have a broad knowledge, of how the different audiovisual measures inflict the receipt of the video-content. If you should want to have this elaborated, it is advantageously to include Ronald Barthers’ terms on denotation and connotation. Barthes developed these terms in connection with picture analysis, but they are just as useful in the subject of production of video.

Denotation refers to the primary level, also known as the lexical layer. An objective evaluation of perception, so to say.

The connotative layer, will on the other hand touch upon connotation of the inherent elements of the content. The connotative layer is based upon socio-cultural codes, that we as humans learn throughout our life. When dealing with the connotative layer, in audiovisual content the analyst has taste for detail, focusing on single elements of the content, and how these affect each other in the overall reception of the media-content.

If one aims to successfully and efficiently implement video-marketing content into their specific campaigning. It is of great importance to have a general idea of the different colors, symbols, soundtracks and the aforementioned effects on the final image. We will in detail evaluate and guide you through different processes, in each step on the way to the finished product.



In the case of video-production we can contribute in every way imaginable. If you need guidance and counseling, about which channels and platforms to utilize, we will gladly guide you through the pros and cons. If you need a couple of creative minds, devising relevant storylines, that captivates your specific audience, we have couple in-house. Do you need assistance with the hands-on video-production, we have the expertise and tools. We have producers with great skills in both recording and post-production.

So, without further ado, if we seem like a potential guidance counselor or video-producer in your ongoing or soon to be video-marketing campaigns, do not hesitate to reach out to us, at +45 71 99 16 00 and learn about your options – free of charge

Sitecore SEO

Do you want to SEO-optimize your Sitecore-solution?

We have a broad experience with getting Sitecore-solution to rank higher on Google. If you use Sitecore, and your battling your way to the top on search engined, we will without a doubt be able to help you.


Generally we recommend creating an audit on your platform that involves a prior meeting where strategy and the historical development of the website is clarified. It may also be, commercial elements such as clientele and such can be discussed with the purpose of utilizing these insights for a later search term analysis.

Sitecore SEO


When we create a SEO-audit, we want to look into how we can optimize the gppurtinites within a long range of SEO-factors. For that reason we want to analyze and review the following fields in our SEO-audit of your sitecore solution:

  • Titles, headers % meta-description
  • Tagging for social media and google
  • Hreflang
  • General HTML- & CSS-structure
  • Servercall, -response & -speed
  • Sitemap & website structure
  • Backlinks audit
  • Penalty audit
  • Ranking history

Search Engine optimization of a Sitecore-solutions is not that different from optimization of a website on another platform. Sitecore does have a specific structure though, some easy solvable pitfalls.

A good example of frequent point of optimization is that Google doesn’t index the menu structures, explaining why the different levels of subpages aren’t prioritized correctly. to make a long story short, this can mean that Google choses the wrong subpage, and then ranks on a given search term, creating an overall bad quality-score.

Et andet eksempel er Hreflang-tagging, som enkelte gange ikke er kodet korrekt. Det vil betyde, at man i et land, eksempelvis på Google, vil finde en sprogversionering af sitet, der ikke matcher det sprog, brugeren har på sin computer. Ydermere kan forkert tagging i forbindelse med Hreflang betyde, at enkelte sider vil betragtes som duplicate af Google.

Another example is Hrefland-tagging that at times isn’t coded correctly. Such wrong coding will cause, on search engines eg. Google, in some countries, to find a version of the site that does not match the computer language of the client.

We have created SEO-audits of different Sitecore-solutions, for Novozymes among others.


Naturally we can make a specifically tailored audit, that gives you an overview of the exact field, that you want you review. We always strife to tailor our solution after our customers exact wishes and needs. For that reason there is a big difference in the Sitecore-solutions with which we work.

Do you want to hear more about how we can optimize your company’s Sitecore-solution, don’t hesitate to call us for a free offer at +45 71 99 16 00

Demandware SEO

Are you considering a Demandware SEO project?

There are multiple challenges with the templates that typically move “out of the box” from Demandware. Examples of complications occurring when using Demandware with SEO is the fact that Google at times perceive the website as duplicate content, as a double indexation can occur – one for HTTPS and one without a SSL certificate. This example is just a low-hanging fruit, but an issue requiring a partner in Demandware developing partner to edit the template.

SEO for Demandware soluition

Som udgangspunkt anbefaler vi at vi laver et SEO audit på platformen, hvilket indebærer et komplet crawl af samtlige URLer – efterfulgt af en manuel gennemgang af strukturen på de enkelte sider. Samtlige af de elementer som kan optimeres bliver noteret, og der vil blive skrevet en kravsspecifikation – og lave en prioriteret rækkefølge af punkterne, som efterfølges kan vurderes med Demandware partneren i forbindelse med udvikling. Af elementer som vil kunne implementeres uden udviklingshjælp efterfølgende et audit kan følgende ‘on-site’opgaver nævnes:

As a starting point we recommend creating a SEO audit on your platform, which involves a complete crawl of all URLs – followed by a manual walkthrough of the structure on each site. All elements that can be optimized will be noted, and a requirements specifications will be written, as a prioritized list of each POI, that can be assessed by the Demandware partner. Of elements that can be implemented without following development aid we offer the following “on-site” tasks among many other:

  • Titles and meta texts
  • Headers on content sites
  • URL structure
  • Manual sitemap


Why start out with a Demandware SEO audit?


By starting your SEO project with an audit, you get a complete overview of the short-sight possibilities – and which elements that can be optimized in connection with a development board. It is important to make sure that you prioritize potentiel implementations by their potential yield. When dealing with SEO the yield is most often increased visibility on relevant search terms. These can be summarized into an overall monetary value, that the project will have – based on the existing conversion rates, eventual other measuring parameters and KPIs that the company might have set up in advance.


Receive a SEO potential analysis free of charge

At spinnaker Nordic we give you – without any cost, a possibility of having a dialogue about the potential of a Demandware SEO project, before you decide whether you find it relevant or not.

Demandware clients we have worked with include:

  • Norbreeze Group
  • Ganni

Contact us today for a noncommittal conversations about the possibilities. Call our general manager Simon Paag at (+45 26712897).

Video Ads

Do you need assistance with video advertisement?

It has become more and more popular to advertise via video. We are a modern oriented consultant agency, that adapts and follows the trends of social media and marketing. As for that reason, we naturally offer video advertising solutions. Video advertisement can be relevant in numerous different circumstances, we’ve gathered a list of the most popular channels for video advertising as of now;

  • YouTube TrueView
    – video ad format, in which you have the possibility of driving ”TrueView advertising”, toward specified target audiences and YouTube videos, that are embedded into other websites.
  • Snapchat Ads
    – video ad format, in which you have the possibility of reaching the target audiences that has the phone at hand – via Snapchats App.
  • Facebook Ads
    – Facebook has become a very popular media for people who wish to advertise via video. On Facebook, it’s possible to achieve both a paid and large organic reach. If you produce quality content, that excites the targeted audience, it’s possible to achieve an even larger organic reach.
  • LinkedIn
    – The site; LinkedIn launched a native video advertising format, that has been frequently used since it’s initiation. When producing video ads for LinkedIn it’s very important that the content and format is fitted specifically for their platform.
  • Display Video Ads
    The different ad networks that we know from RTB and display advertising are generally speaking a possibility of presenting your content to very sharply defined target audiences. Some people call this format “Web TV” and there is a number different ad networks that provide this type of advertising.

The Technical Format

You should that the larger the size of your video the more it’s going to cost you per view. For that reason, the TrueView- & Snapchat-formats as mentioned above are very popular, as you do not pay extra for ad-hosting.

As video ads can be expensive to host, it’s a very good idea to get counseling in regard to the start-up- and production phase. We at Spinnaker Nordic have had success with reformatting videos with the purpose of making these “lighter” and thereby cheaper.

The Creative Format

When advertising online, whether it’s banners, text ads or video ads, you will be competing with other suppliers for the attention of the potential customer. Internet users are generally impatient, and it’s important that you actively make an effort maintain their attention.

The best video productions abound with creativity and fantasy. Good- well produced video advertisements tickle your sense of curiosity retains the perceiver.

Even though you might produce a great video ad, there is no guarantee that people with watch your video all the way through. Therefore, you should always have a message, call to action and the logo of your brand very early in the video.

Within the bound of creative productions, we have found that it is frequently pays off to do the following:

  • Add “Call To Actions” E.g. Subscribe, Click here, See more etc.
  • Include a logo that’s visible throughout the whole video, optionally in one of the corners of your video.
  • Add an intro with logo and comprehensive points from the ad as the first frame

Contact us today and receive a walk-though of your business’ opportunities in relation to video advertising – we help with large as well as small tasks!
(+45) 71 99 16 00


We’re experts in live streaming, and we can help you, reaching a broader audience at your venue

If you are curious about exactly what we can do you, you are more than welcome to call us at +45 71 99 16 00. Naturally you can also write us at

See our live-steam for the Danish award-ceremony “IVÆKSTprisen 2017”;

Create a direct connection between you and your followers with a live-stream.

A rapidly growing trend within social media is live-streaming. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. have made livestreaming channels available, which gives companies and individuals the possibility of sharing live-videos with the masses.

It opens up a lot of possibilities of creating interaction with interested followers, and it gets an incomparably large reach –specially on Facebook.

We have the equipment and the crew at your service, call us without any attachments at +45 71 99 16 00 or write us at

We live-stream ourselves

When we’re beating the drum for live-streaming it’s for numerous reasons, it’s not just sales talk. We genuinely think that the rewards of live-streaming can be extremely large, if you learn to master the discipline. We diligently utilize live-streaming tools with our own content.

Facebook Live-streaming provides reach

If you want to have a larger organic reach on Facebook, then live-streaming is definitely the way to go. With the right concept and a precise execution, a single live-stream can reach an incredible number of recipients.

Facebook’s live-streaming is great for creating here and now reach, but if you wish to build a complete video library for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization, you should definitely look to YouTube.

Click here,  to see every ongoing live-stream on Facebook instantly

YouTube live streaming – create a content-library

YouTube has, like Facebook among others, a variety of options when it comes to live-streaming. One of the advantages of YouTube is, that the live-videos are automatically added as a part of your YouTube-Channel, and with the right execution you can build a content-library that ranks on popular search engines.

Why settle with one platform?

There’s no reason to settle. It’s perfectly manageable to stream to more platform at once, and thus making the most of your content. YouTube has the advantage of making your content searchable, while Facebook has the advantage of a larger immediate reach.

If you’re interested in live-streaming solutions, call us, at +45 71 99 16 00 or write us as

Snapchat Geofilter

Do you want your own Snapchat Geo-filter?


A Snapchat-Geofilter can be an efficient way advertising, to create awareness of your brand, product or event.  We can help you and your business design a Snapchat-Geofilter and make sure that this will be publically available for Snapchat users within a given area and timeframe.

The process if you wish to be presented with a Snapchat-Geofilter is as follows:


  1. Clarify which geographical area in which the filter should be available.
  2. Find out what you want to be displayed on your Geofilter
  3. Call us, at +45 71 99 16 00 or write us as


Price: 1600USD per year for a Snapchat-Geofilter in your area about 13.500 square feet.


What’s included?

  • Technical setup and approval with Snapchat
  • Invoice Order


What’s not included?

  • Design of your filter


We can design a filter according to your needs at the price of 1000USD

DMP Solutions

What is DMP?

DMP is a unique possibility claiming ownership over your own data and utilizing in your marketing platforms. DMP is an abbreviation of Data Management Platform, and it refers to the database and the interface, in which you can save your cookie-data, CRM-data and additional eventual marketing-data, and segment your audience.

This segmentation can subsequently in connection with advertising on search engines, via RTB-/display-advertising. Furthermore, they can be utilized in relation with e-mail marketing and development of one’s website to target relevant audiences.


A few years ago, the online marketing commerce was reserved for large scale companies. But the development within the online marketing commerce has made it possible for smaller agencies to gather necessary resources and data to deliver specific options across different platforms. As there has been a lot of incentive from companies who wish to be in control of their own data. For that reason, we collaborate with both small- and large-scale suppliers of DMP systems both nationally and globally.

If you want to know more Call us, at +45 71 99 16 00 or write us at

Amazon Ads

Do you want more volume from your sales at Amazon?

Amazon has come to stay, but the major entry into the minor European markets is in store. However, it is not too early to prepare and consider, how you wish you wish to utilize Amazon in the retail industry as a part of you online marketing. Whether you “resell” or manage your own brand, you’ll find that Amazon as a marketing channel, effectively will contribute to the growth of your business.

As of now Amazon offers four different advertising solutions:

1. Boost product sales

2. Increase book sales

3. Drive traffic off amazon

4. Increase app downloads

These four solutions are elaborated further down this page, so if you want to know more about the individual solutions, scroll on down.

Sell more with advertising on Amazon

On Amazon, you can target your ads towards the costumers’ history and interests. Furthermore, you can have your products shown along with products similar to your own. Could you be interested in selling more via advertising on Amazon? We can help you safely though the whole process. We can assist with everything from setup of efficient ads to ongoing optimization of these

It’s possible to optimize your ads on Amazon, as you receive a lot of interesting data on the performance of each ad while these are running.

If you read into each data point correctly it’s possible to deduct which buttons turn up and down to raise sales further. Likewise, you can get a clearer idea of how you should distribute the advertising budget.

It requires some amount of knowledge and experience to analyze the data you’ll receive, as there are many factors that needs to be taking into consideration, when adjust and redistribute your budget, e.g, it’s not enough to look solely on the ROAS and last-click conversions of each ad.

We have several PPC-experts in-house and they all have several years of experience with setup and adjustment of effective PPC-ads. We guarantee, that they – in cooperation with you will be able to increase the sale of your products. If you want to try out advertising on Amazon, don’t hesitate to call us entirely without attachments.

Call us, at +45 71 99 16 00

Or write us at


Do you want us to create your appealing banners?

At Spinnaker Nordic, we produce web banner solutions in all acknowledged formats. We even have the capability of handling every part of the productions process. Furthermore, we can be of assistance with the implementation of created banners on desired media and platforms
An example of the placement of a banner ad created by us, can be seen below;




Contact us, if you wish, that we at Spinnaker Nordic as a part of training/insourcing specifically tailors courses for you and your employees. We have great experience with defining projects throughout a workshop, that addresses the specific needs within online marketing, that should be required within the company.

We’ll be hosting a number of free-entry couses both online (live-stream) and on-site. There’s a limited number of seats, and the enrollment is first-come-first-served.

Get an informal offer!

Call us at 71 99 16 00 or write us at

Marketing Workshops

whether your team needs a completely new marketing structure, or you just need your current marketing-processes evaluated, a Workshop might be the right solution for you to kick-start your new in-house course-of-action. At Spinnaker Nordic, we help you by defining the areas, channels and platforms that are relevant to exactly your selection of products or services. We will do our best to guide you the through the execution and implementation of every project to help you reach your end-goals. Cautiously we’ve managed to acquire a broad range of capable and proficient personnel, making ground for our broad field of expertise. Among others we’re able to deliver workshops within the given categories;

  • Online marketing
  • Customer journey and attribution modelling
  • Performance analysis and data management
  • Google Analytics,AdWords, Google Tag Manager, SEO, Data Studio etc.
  • Social media incl. announcing and content strategies
  • Display- and remarketing-strategies

Our team of consultants cover all of the fields written above. If you have a specific need or demand, we’ll tailor a workshop that fits specifically to every need you should have. The elements that most frequently turn out to be useful and profitable are the “hands on”-aspects that make it possible to resume your marketing projects – on your own accord.

Write or call us today if you wish to consider or debate your possibilities of planning an interesting and rewarding workshop!

Marketing Recruiting

If you are looking for the next possible candidate for you marketing team, then we at spinnaker Nordic have the capabilities to make the most fitting job description as well as screening your applicants, so they’ll be capable of solving the tasks you need solved.

Since Spinnaker Nordic was founded in 2014, we’ve worked with insourcing for larger e-commerce companies in Denmark and Asia, and we’ve had the possibility of by-standing with recruiting tasks in connection with establishing of several marketing-teams

We have experience with the recruiting of marketing staff within the following workspaces

  • Compilation of job posting
  • Screening of applicants by telephone
  • Ongoing interviews with applicants
  • Training and courses
  • Taskmanagement og projektledelse

Method and Construction

We’ve developed a screening process, that we use to evaluate candidates. The process involves preliminary examinations of the candidates’ profiles, background, educational and professional capabilities.

We have a nuanced and complete course-of-action that always secures firm results, that can be gathered in manageable sheet, where each candidate’s individual assessments give a well-founded overview of the applicants that should be taken into consideration. Our thorough routine is efficient, whether you’re looking for a new senior, junior or mid-level position.

Why get assistance with recruiting?

In many sectors, you have an option of evaluating candidates solely from their educational background or relevant work experience. But when it comes to the field of online-marketing, it’s often quite a different deal. The cause of this is generally that this field is very rapidly changing, by virtue many of the strategic elements and tactical disciplines can be difficult to assess.

In general, is difficult to find relevant and knowledgeable education of current disciplines in the modern field of online marketing. In virtue, it’s difficult to value that capabilities of applicants from their educational properties.

You can get a direct dialogue with founder Simon Paag about potential recruiting assistance tasks that’ll assure you the most competent hands. Call us unconditionally and hear what we can do for you!

Get an informal offer!

Call us at 71 99 16 00 or write us at

Marketing insourcing

Get in charge of your own marketing and obtain skills you’ve been outsourcing to external companies in the past – get your own complete team tailored for your specific business’ needs.

More and more Companies assess the possibilities to carry out the own online-marketing efforts, instead of having the job done by external media- and consultancy agencies.

We’ve accomplished abundant progress with our clients by transferring our own knowledge, enabling clients continually to carry out several tasks within the online-marketing field.

Benefits of marketing insourcing

  • Extensive insight
  • Quicker execution
  • Weighty savings

We’ve conveyed successful insourcing solutions with Unisport, Stylepit, Uno-X and Norbreeze group among others.

Examples of marketing insourcing

Below you’ll find an example of a 12-week insourcing course for a minor e-commerce business:

Channel / Project Week Report
Strategy 1 Definition of strategy and Task Plan.
KPI & reporting 2 Valuation of KPIs choice of report method.
Budget og resourcing 2 Final draft for budgeting and resource management.
AdWords 3 Courses in Adwords and optimization.
SEO 5 Analysis and compilation of implementation procedure
Social Media 7 Content plan, PPC-review and courses.
RTB / Display 9 Campaign plan, Creative editing process.
CRM / E-mail 10 Setup of newsletter and auto-responders.
Automatization 12 Approaches for sustainable resource reduction on all platforms.


Become experienced in online marketing

Are you interested in having a visit from Spinnaker Nordic and acquire knowledge that equips you and your employees to personally handle your own online marketing sector?

Get an informal offer!

Call us at 71 99 16 00 or write us at

Travel Team

Travel Team

Do you have a large implementation process or workshop, or a need of an available marketing task-force at hand on your location? At Spinnaker Nordic vi have an extensive experience in insourcing-projects, making us able to complete comprehensive tasks on-site around several European countries, in Asia and The United States.

A decent example of projects that could require consultants on-site, could be a launching of a new product series, a new site, webshop solutions, or major campaigns necessitating implementations directly across platforms on your own account and on your own systems and terms. The tasks of our travel-team can, amongst others, cover things such as;

  • AdWords and Bing Search Announcement
  • Youtube, Facebook Livestream and Periscope
  • Facebook Advertising
  • SEO and Conversion Optimization
  • Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google Data Studio
  • Strategy, Presentations and Audits

A travel-team consists of a given number of specialist resources, for example 1-2 technical specialists dedicated to direct hands-on-work in each of their chosen advertising platforms, or in CMS-Systems with predefined goals and terms. In addition to these, a senior strategical resource, that contributes to the work-process by presenting the future strategy and communicating this to key individuals and possibly a board of directors – in addition, of course, to planning and presenting the maintenance and further course of the project when the travel team’s task is done.


In connection with the execution of your online marketing-projects, it can be an advantage to initiate an implementation process, with a workshop, that makes it possible to connect the strategical outlooks and drafts with the actual hands-on tasks that needs introduction. A workshop can be an excellent stepping stone and a perfect way of initiating a running course after having scheduled the elements, that constitutes the further course of action. In the marketing workshops, we utilize recognized procedures from management consulting and innovative processes.

Courses and training

Our travel team also assists with courses and training of employees, with the purpose of insourcing future tasks. After a course taught on-location, we’ll gladly do follow-up video calls to support and ensure correct implementation of the initiated processes.

Our team has been bystanders on insourcing progresses for several large-scale companies in Europe and South-East Asia, and we’ve got regular contact – conferring about potential projects and strategies with e-commerce organizations all around the world. Do you prefer a tailored development then we’ll come on by, and visit on location in the near future. We look forward to hearing from you!

Snapchat Ads

Get in touch with your target audience, with Snapchat Ads. This is a unique possibility of having an effective impact on a channel that gives am outstanding creative impression.

  • Read our first findings at the bottom of this page. 
  • Read Snapchat’s guidelines here (Opens a PDF.)

166 million people use Snapchat each day.

And the amount of daily Snapchat uses increased by 36 percent from Q1 2016 to Q1 2017 – from 122 million users to 166 million .

Snapchat ads

The formats used in ads broadcasted by the Snapchat interface are as follows;

Snap Ad Specifications

We see it as an ideal possibility of aiding our customers and collaborators thru reaching a young target audience in a ultra-modern way. –Simon PaagFounder of Spinnaker Nordic.


Snapchat ask their advertisers to comply with a number of policies and guidelines, that need to be taken into consideration when producing ads. For example, it is prohibited to produce ads in which film is made whilst driving, ads containing any sort of racist undertones or messages, ads containing clearly intoxicated individuals and ads containing explicit nudity are all prohibited.

Furthermore, there’s a number of subjects that cannot be presented in ads. These include, adult content, cigarettes, tobacco and weapons. Likewise, you cannot direct ads toward countries that are currently being sanctioned by the United States.

Targeting in Snapchat Ads

When building a campaign in the Snapchat Ads-interface, there’s as a starting a need of defining goals. This can be either Impressions, Swipe-ups or App-installs. This means that the platform can be used either for driving more traffic and app-installs, but ads on Snapchat can also be used for branding and reach-campaigns.


Furthermore, there’s 4 targeting groups are specified:

  1. Lifestyles
  2. Shoppers
  3. Viewers
  4. Visitors

The data used by Snapchat so far for targeting origins primarily from Comscore, Datalogix and PlaceIQ. These so called “data providers”, who via their databases of users deliver solution for many different types of ad deliverers. Applicably you can expect that these providers are very consolidated around The United States, which preliminary might cause some restrictions for advertisements within Europe, for other targeting groups than the “Lifestyles” group. The segments within the primarily used “Lifestyles” group are given below;

Snapchat Ads Audiences

Production of Snapchat Ads

The video above was made and uploaded to Snapchat within minutes – we’ve then compared the format with productions that include studio produced material, professional speaks and graphically edited content, but the conclusion was, that in every case the given format above has performed more effectively. Our conclusion was that ads such as these are more fitting for the Snapchat media, and you’ll typically have a larger reach with an ad that is reminiscent of a Snapchat video.

Ironically, we made a test producing an ad solely by using the Snapchat app – just the way an average user would make a Snapchat Mystory. The video was then downloaded, and added to the Snapchat Ad interface. It turns out that this video format is not compatible with the Snapchat format requirements. During our testing we’ve made the following findings:

  • You cannot use Snapchat’s logo within your ad
  • The advertisement platform is still somewhat buggy
  • It’s obvious that their planning out a cookie based remarketing option, but this feature is still in the works.
  • They have a very well-functioning API. The possibilities are numerous and the options of creating sorts of automatization solutions are huge.
  • It’s also clear that they’re developing tracking based on E-mails. This would be an effective way of going past some of the challenges that occur with platform such as GA & Adwords
  • The third-party data isn’t functioning as of now – at least not in Denmark
  • We managed to get a CPM of about 2.42USD on average, an eCPSU of about 0.25USD.

If you want to try out advertising on Snapchat, don’t hesitate to call us entirely without attachments.

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Analytics and KPI reporting

At Spinnaker Nordic you will find experts within performance analysis. Our consultants have helped some of the biggest ecommerce businesses in Denmark with both reporting and analysis tasks. All our projects have in common that we strive for full transparency so that the customer will have as much information as possible.

We use many different systems to inform the customers of which factors that have an impact on the efficiency of a webpage. Depending on the goal we can create either complex or simple reports. We will always look for the solution where the increased amount of information adds the most value for our customers.

Whether you look at some of our most advanced solutions with attribution modelling or more simple concerning lead counting, we will always offer to estimate the real value of the given report.

Some of the types of reports we can deliver to our customers are:

  • Sales and cost reports
  • Google Analytics reports
  • Dynamic Reports in Google Sheets
  • Lead and CPA reports
  • Call-Reports
  • Social reports (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter ect.)
  • TrueView and YouTube reports

Feel free to contact us with questions regarding reports or if you you would like us to create a special report for you!



Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Grow online with Social Media Marketing. We have specialists ready to help you with growing your online bussiness through advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN etc. Are you missing out on great and relevant visitors from the social media websites? Contact us and start your social media marketing campaign today!.

Social Media Mangement

Are you looking for someone to handle your social media accounts? You know this is important, but you might not have to time to do this your self? We have a great framework for handling our clients Social Media accounts. Contact us today to hear more.

RTB / Display

Online Store

Get a Online Stores that sells!

At Spinnaker Nordic, we’re experts in e-commerce. We’ve specialized ourselves in delivering Online Stores with a sole intent of sale. For small-, and medium sized companies we recommend a reliable system such as Shoporama or Shopify, and for larger web shops we have a possibility of delivering a uniquely tailored web shop-system.

We can also optimize existing web shops!

Do you need new visions, new development of features or other approaches for your Online Store? With over 6 years of e-commerce experience and more than 10 years’ experience with developing user-friendly web-solutions, we can solve even the toughest of tasks!


Marketing Attribution

Being able to evaluate how each marketing channel contributes to growth is the key to success.

However, most marketers get it wrong – they use outdated or simply wrong marketing attribution.

This is why we have created the most comprehensive guide to Marketing Attribution and Attribution Modeling.

Continue reading “Marketing Attribution” »



Se vores templates neden for:

  • Brand guideline template:
    A guideline that can be passed on to distributors of your products. Read the post about the topic here.

Download BrandGuidelinesTemplate2.0

Spinnaker Nordic

We are a nordic founded performance marketing agency delivering solutions to clients all over the world. Spinnaker Nordic was founded in Denmark.

At Spinnaker Nordic, we focus on transparent and innovative solutions regarding online marketing, optimisation and analysis for e-commerce. We give advice to our customers in every industry and have an extensive experience.

The company Spinnaker Nordic was founded in 2014 by Simon Paag. During the first year, we managed to create business relationships among the largest companies in Denmark, including some of the largest e-commerce stores such as STYLEPIT and Unisport among others. At year-end there were five employees and the office was moved from Amagertorv in Copenhagen to Bredgade with a lot of room to grow.

The organisation, Spinnaker Nordic, has been driven with a focus on the most modern solutions for online marketing. Although the enterprise was in an introduction stage, it already includes two former Google employees as part of the team, making it a natural place to establish themselves as experts.

During 2015 it was clear that the company had to get out of the walls of Copenhagen and open borders. Spinnaker Nordic took off with new business deals in Southeast Asia. Besides, travelling to both Singapore and Thailand is very frequent.

Contact us today for an informal conversation about the possibilities of online marketing, e-commerce, web analysis and to get advice regarding your further marketing activities and your profile on the web.


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We are currently servicing clients in Denmark and Southeast Asia: We deliver solutions within all aspects of online marketing, including media investment and optimization

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We add transparency to SEO

Are you looking for help to get more customers from Google and other search engines? By search engine optimizing your website, you are able to get more customers without paying pr. click or per banner view, as you will do in other online marketing channels like AdWords, Facebook and Twitter.

We have many years of experience in search engine optimization, and we believe that transparency is missing in the SEO field. We want to deliver you great results through SEO and we are documenting in through login, where you can follow your progress LIVE.

Processes while working with SEO

search engine optimization bureau agency seo

SEO increases your bottomline

With great rankings in the search engines, especialliy in Google, the amount of relevant traffic for your website will rise.

With more and more relevant visitors you will be able to increase sales, and the increase in sales will not be cost you an increase in your SEO costs. You can keep the same budget for SEO even after growing in sale. SEO is a great investment in your company.

Keyword Analysis

It’s all about the keywords that searches uses in the search engines.

Keyword analysis is the organisationsámost valuable tool in relation to the activities of consumers in search engines. By examining which search terms that are being used in the search engines, you get an understand of áwhich keywords and phrases your business needs to focus on in the future – regardless of the product or service.

Is there initially been made a thorough keyword analysis, the next step will be to make the existing website search engine optimized.

Ask yourself this question:

“Which keywords does your potential customers use when they’re looking for your company, services or products?”

If you didn’t hesitate answering this question go test you could propably stop reading this article right now.

But if you have the slightest uncertainty in his voice you should keep reading!

Consumers have the Power Regarding Keywords

It mayásound harsh.

But the reality is that when it comes to keywords, the consumer or ‘seeker’ has the power.

Does the consumers even know theáterms within the your industry? Yes, it may sound professional but if nobody searches for it, it doesn’t have any value for your site.

You should do yourself a favor and do a keyword analysis or hireáan SEO expert to make one for you.

When we do Keyword Analysis for our Customers

We do everything we can to uncover what keywords that are attractive regarding your business.

Once all the attractive keywords have been intercepted the next step is usually to examine whether and how these keywords already is present on the website.

Then we makeáa strategy:

  • How the customer should structure their site in the future as much as possible, so that their website becomes more visible in the search results.
  • Where and how should the customer implement the most suitable keywords in their content strategyáfor content on the website.

It can be very challenging to chooseáaáSEO strategy, but once the proper SEO strategy has beenáput into use, the company has the best requirements toásucceed.

The Importance of Keyword Analysis

Marketing is mostly analytical.

It’s rare that new marketing strategies in companies haven’t beená’field-tested’ and analysed before being put into use – making it one of the most important factors in general marketing.

Online search engine marketing doesn’t differentiate that much from other formsáof marketing. Keywords obviously dictates campaigns with specific focus keywords – and that’s why you and your company’s primary focus should be on creating a good keyword analysis.

A keyword analysis provides you with possibilities

Basically a keyword analysis is the most important factor for success witháonline marketing.

This is what a thorough keyword analysis provides:

  • Insider Knowledge: Increased knowledge about popular keywords in the search engines gives you insight into consumer habits, which you can use in several aspects of business.
  • Increased conversions: Increased focus on converting keywords are good for ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Time Prioritization: By avoiding ‘wasting time’ on keywords that don’t give any value to the company, it’s time consuming and especially a costly affair.
  • Finding new markets: It’s evident in several instances that customers find new existing markets, as they were not already familiar with.

Despite these obvious advantages of a keyword analysis, many online marketers doesn’t use much time onáthese analyzes. Mostly because they think it’s time consuming.

However, there are a number of available tools available on the Internet.

A great tool to examine how popular certain keywords are, Google’sákeyword planner.

keyword analysis google keyword planner

It simply requires that you create yourself an AdWords account. Do you needáhelp witháAdWordsáour team at Spinnaker Nordic are the experts you want.

Is your AdWords account already set up and ready to go, just go into the Keyword Planner and enter the keywords you want to analyse:

keyword analysis keyword planner google

This is how your results should be represented:

keyword analysis keyword planner google result

Google’s Keyword Planner is a helpfull tooláto get an overview of how many monthly searches a certain keywords have.

However, it’s still a challenge to analyze the value of a keyword. Whatever you choose to do with the outcome, and how you can use this in your company, is entirely up to you.

Prioritizing Keywords

Once we’ve found relevant and conversion possible keywords, these keywords will be discussed in cooperation with the customer.

If there isn’t a agreement across the board, both internal and external to the company, an implementation of keywords will never be full end.

Google’s algorithms have a lot of parameters which we know is a direct factor associated with search engine optimization.

Much of the time it’s about gettingáproduced the right content for the website, in which the selected keywords are implemented. Does the content already fulfill the needs and demands, but the amount of conversions per. visitors is nonexistent, this is also something we can take care of.

How do I optimize my website even better compared to the selected keywords?

As mentioned earlier, there’s no point in a website packed with technical term and generally a language that visitors don’t understand.

If we once again look at Google and its algorithms, Google rewards websites that speak a language the consumersáunderstands.

Google’s algorithm, Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird sometimes punishes websites that doesn’támeetsátheir algorithms demands.

If you write content for your website, with these tips in mind, you can continue working without being worried that Google some day will knock atáat your door.

Of course that’s a metaphor.

But still, if Google thinks your doing something you shouldn’t that can easily move your website to page 70 of the search results or completely delete you fromátheir search engine.

Landing Pages

AsáGoogle puts it, landing pages is a lot like cars:

Make sure they’re turned-up properly, and you’ll likely get better performance and savings out of them down the road.”

With SEO glasses, alluding to Google, the content on the homepage’s landing pages should be relevant to the keywords you wish to rankáon.

If the landing page doesn’t contain the inteded keywords, it becomes very difficult to rank on those keywords – no matter how many quality backlinks you have.

Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are keywords that consists at least two keywords and typically between three and five words.

It’s usually easier to rank well on long-tail keywords because of theálonger length than a single word.

How difficult do you think it is to rank no. 1 on a keyword as ‘car’?

Compared to AdWords, a long-tail keywords often provide a higher Quality Score and lower click prices as the competition narrows.

However, it may still be a difficultáprocess to find good long-tail keywords, especially if you don’t have any experience in identifying good long-tail keywords.

When you got your keywords

Is’t important to keep up with market trends.

There will always be competitors who will compete on theákeywords you use and therefore you must never stop working with the keywords.

A website is never finished – there will always be something that can be optimized.

Google AdWords Coupon

Get your free Google AdWords Coupon

Why does companies use billions on online advertising in search engines?

Payed ads with Google Adwords is easy to track, measure and target segments – big or small, doesn’t matter.

At the same time, it’s more profitable for the companies because of all the informations that online ads gives us.

The reason why companies buys more and more of these PPC ads is because they work great!

PPC stands for Pay Per Click – which is when a company pays search engines a fixed price every time a visitor clicks though to the companys site.

A lot of us uses search engines every day

Google is the most known and most used search engine out there. Google owns Google Chrome and a lot of services on Android.

Google is the default browser on Apple devices and in the Opera web browser.

You have probably already noticed all the ads on the internet, on the online medias and e-commerce sites. It’s important to mention that Google owns Youtube.

Yahoo! is the leading portal with the most traffic driving though it. The users of Yahoo’s search engine is most of all old users that uses their services and have their e-mail at Yahoo!

Yahoo! is also the default search engine in the Firefox web browser.

Microsoft uses Bing as their default site in their web browser, Internet Explorer.

Microsoft owns Internet Explorer which is why, Internet Explorer is the default web browser on their computer operating system, Windows.

Is it only the major search engines that is important?

There is a lot of search engines available out there, but the the small and new search engines doesn’t reach the big search engines to their knees. At least not when it comes to organic traffic.

Answer this:

Have you ever used the search engines Oomph, Cameroon, Excite, Search Hound, Search Web and Seeru?

This is a Top 5 list of the most popular search engines:

wefjqef no oinpq34 oi4oipq34inpuq pnuqg pinuq gnupfqw u9q pnuq wefqefwpq fw

Source eBiz – April 1. 2016 – based on Alexa Global Traffic Rank og U.S. traffic Rank.

As mentioned earlier, these search engines is used as default sites in some of the biggest browsers out there – that’s also why the amount of users is so much bigger than their contestants worldwide.


Effective advertising with AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most effective online marketing channels. We at Spinnaker Nordic have created some transparente solutions for you and your company.

At Spinnaker Nordic we have a strong team dealing with Google AdWords. With a couple of former Google employees and employees with experience from some of Googles biggest Danish customers, which make us among the elite in producing campaigns and advanced solutions in Google AdWords.

Our way of working with Google AdWords is influenced by our strong wish for transparency for our customers and business partners. This results in the fact that our solutions always includes ongoing updates and monthly reports. We work from the principle that an AdWords account is never truly finished and that the best results come from continuous optimization.

Achieving a better ROI with automation

One of the most important components of succesful online advertising is automation of manual work. With this in mind you can save a lot of time and still achieve great results.

We believe that its is necessary to combine the automation with ‘hands on’ to get a nice blend of automation, quality and creativity concerning keywords and ads.

Our contracts always involves monthly work with the account based on the principle that there must be continuously optimizations to achieve the best possible development of the ads.

AdWords Reviews

Leading Marketing Attribution Agency

At Airtame we have been really pleased about our work with Spinnaker Nordic. Our cooperation has involved both hands-on Adwords tasks and guidance on the the same subject. Furthermore, Spinnaker Nordic is among th leading agencies in Denmark who understands the difficult discipline: Marketing Attribution.

Together we have developed an understanding of this discipline related to our company and the value of it is unbelievable. If you want competent help from some really nice people, Spinnaker gets my best recommendations.

Steffen Hedebrandt,

Great e-commerce and sales knowledge

We’ve been using Spinnaker Nordic for a longer period to advise and optimize in our AdWords endeavours. We are happy with the work and skill, and will always recommend Spinnaker Nordic, they have a broad spectrum of knowledge in e-commerce and have contributed to our online growth.

Kristoffer Haapanen, Les Deux

Structured AdWords account

We’ve had the pleasure to work together with Spinnaker. Spinnaker helped us achieve a structured AdWords account. We also get a report each month with a view of the work that has been done.

Jonathan Parisi, Mackabler

We recommend Spinnaker!

Spinnaker Nordic has optimized our AdWords account which have had a major impact on our growth the last few years. We highly recommend them to do Google AdWords and a general dialogue about online marketing strategies.

Christian Bjerregaard, Nybolig Munch & Bjerregaard

AdWords Cases

Get a quote for AdWords

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Monthly Report

Transparency is the most important keyword at Spinnaker Nordic. To make sure that you are fully aware about your accounts progress, you’ll get a monthly report at the end of the month.

The monthly report is designed in relation to the most important parts of your business. It includes benchmarks as ranking, the amount of traffic and conversions.

You’ll always have full access to your AdWords account, so that you at any time can go take a look at the developments.

Account Setup

We create your AdWords account to suit your exact needs.

AdWords Reviews

Transparent and efficient approach!

Spinnaker Nordic has helped us set up Display Remarketing. We have also acquired a lot of experience from the time Spinnaker Nordic spend on educate us in the various media and advertising opportunities.

With a highly transparent approach, and high efficiency of the projects in the campaign process, we can recommend Nordic Spinnaker as a partner.

Nichlas Rask Tougaard, Det nye sort

My recommendations

We’ve been using Spinnaker Nordic to handle our AdWords Optimizations, and they have played a big part of in contributing to the growth we have had these years. I can surely recommend them for Google AdWords and online marketing strategies in general.

Christian Bjerregaard, Nybolig Munch & Bjerregaard

Budget Control

We make sure that your AdWords account comply with the estimated campaign budget.

Ad Optimization

Success in AdWords does not come from being the best at managing keywords — it comes from being the best at managing queries.

It’s extremely important to constantly optimize and adapt existing campaigns to ensure that the right message appears. In addition, Furthermore, the best omtimized AdWords ads obtain the best quality score, which make the ads achieve the best possible locations and click prices.

New Keywords Every Month

It is important to continuously adjust the keywords on the ongoing campaigns.

By looking at performance metrics of the campaigns, we adjust the keywords depending on how effective they are.

Furthermore, it’s important to decide whether existing bids should be increased or reduced.

Relevant high quality keywords are essential to your success with AdWords ads.

Bid Adjustments

With the right bid adjustments and continous optimization of AdWords campaigns, you can improve your return on investment.

Bid modifications is also used to edit your ads so they appear based on where, when and how people search on Google.

For example, sometimes searches from a mobile device is worth more to you, if it comes at certain times of the day or a particular place.

We make bid adjustments for:

  • Mobile devices
  • Locations
  • Advertising Planning
  • Top Content
  • Targeting Methods
  • Remarketing

Bid adjustments are set by percentages.

For instance, a campaign that is set to be displayed 30% more on mobile devices could look like this:

Starting bid: $10

Mobile adjustment: $10 + ($10 x 30%) =$13

Resulting bid for searches from mobile devices: $13

Creating Content

We help with the creation of content to make your website more noticeable by search engines.

Implementation of Keywords

To be found in search engines for certain keywords, it’s essential that you use the keywords or phrases you want to rank on.

We help you with the implementation of keywords and phrases in your On-Page content, meta descriptions, anchor texts, images and videos.

Improving user experience

The search engines constantly evaluates the quality of the content on your website. As an example, Googles uses behavioral analyzes to get data on how the customers behaves after they have pressed on the link to your website though Google’s search engine.

They look among factors as bounce rate, how long the customers visets the page, the number of pages the customers visited on the specific domain and much more.

All these data, you get access to inside Google Analytics – which we will help you get started with.

Analytics Conversion Tracking

We help setting up tracking within your AdWords account with Google Analytics and your website.

With conversion tracking, you can see your conversion data in three columns: Frequency, Cost/Conversion and Conversions.

Without implementation of sales tracking it’s hard to know which of your keywords that results in the most revenue and what actually doesn’t work anymore.

Product Ads

If you sell physical products, Google Shopping is the perfect traffic source for your business.

Product ads typically appears on the right side of the search results in Google. The way product ads differentiates itself from AdWords ads is that besides the ad, you can display a product name, a product image and a price.

google-shopping-produktannonceringWe help setting up your Merchant Center account as well as the merging of your shop and Merchant Center account.

Advanced Bid Strategies

With the advanced bidding strategies, we estimate the bids after the parameters in the auction that has the highest value to you.

Furthermore, we develop specialized bidding strategies that continually ensures that your ads have the right bid in the auction. For example, it’s necessary for your business to have a minimum impression share (view percentage) of over 90% on a high priority keyword, which advanced bidding strategies can provide.

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