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The challenge.

ECCO has a mission to appeal to young-minded audiences and to be seen as a fashion brand for certain of their product groups. They had a collection called TRED TRAY which was suitable for such a task and wanted to both increase the online sales of the collection as well as to create a campaign that would serve as a branding tool to promote the versatility of their products.

The solution.

We created a campaign featuring fashion/lifestyle influencer Astrid Olsen, who has built a loyal fanbase on YouTube and Instagram. The concept was simple and effective: We displayed inspiring outfit styling tips around the TRED TRAY collection in a very modern and urban way, suitable for the target group. We created all content for the landing page, created and implemented a paid marketing strategy in order to get visitors to the page, as well as planned a video to be made by the influencer on her own YouTube channel.

The result.

We were able to reach the goals both in terms of sales and spreading brand awareness. In fact, the campaign was so successful that it is now being used across all ECCO markets as an example of a good influencer marketing campaign. It was one of the many steps of the ECCO branding journey, but a rather important one - the results and findings will aid as a tool for the time ahead.

A deeper dive.

Choosing the right person.

It’s important to find the right person who honestly supports your brand. Therefore we put a lot of effort into finding somebody who fit ECCO’s brand and at the same time had a personal relationship with it. When we met Astrid Olsen, there was no doubt. She is all about fashion and lifestyle, as well as is very popular –  at the time she had 150k+ followers on Instagram and 200k+ subscribers on YouTube. Her personality combined with popularity made Astrid a perfect fit to work with an established brand as ECCO.

Visual identity.

High paced cuts, flashy motion graphics and an urban setting were the main factors defining the visual identity of the campaign. We wanted to create something that catches the eye and matches the hip look of Astrid Olsen. We wanted to make something that stood out from the rest of ECCO’s campaigns.

Landing page assets.

One page – several functions: to serve as a branding tool, engage the customer and increase sales of this specific collection. We used photo and video content as a means to do so. Here is a quick overview of the content created for the landing page:

  • Main campaign video 
  • Animated main campaign video thumbnail 
  • 4x Styling tips videos
  • Still images


Ads, platforms and formats.

No matter how good the landing page is, it is useless without traffic. There are many places where we can find a customer and we wanted to maximise the potential of doing so. We chose a combination of two slightly different parts for sponsored content.

The first part was a video created by Astrid Olsen on her own YouTube channel, where she talked about the shoes and styling of them. The second part was to create Instagram and Facebook story/feed ads. The ads displayed Astrid introducing herself and inviting the viewer to visit the page to see her styling tips. 

The content in Astrid’s own video took a deeper dive in the styling tips, and inspired her followers. We also created a contest in the comments thread on her YouTube channel, which engaged the viewers with the brand, closing the circuit with the brand-influencer colab.

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